Signs You Need A Career Change

5 Signs You Need A Career Change

5 Signs You Need A Career Change.

You are far from thrilled with your career. Getting up in the morning and going to work is just a task that you have to complete and it doesn’t excite you.

You feel no intrinsic value in your work. All this can only mean one thing: you need to seriously think about making a career change. But do you really?

Changing your career is a big deal, especially if you are turning to something entirely different as for that you may have to go back to school or learn new skills.

So, before you actually take the step, it is important that you think everything through. You need to decide whether it is your workplace that you are unhappy about or your career.

Many times people think they are unhappy with their career when it is just their work environment and colleagues that are a downer.

If it is the former all you need to do is apply to other companies to get a new job; it is as simple as that. You could continue doing the same work but elsewhere.

Would that help you or will this job keep you forever depressed and undervalued, no matter the workplace?

If it is the latter you know it is time to make that career change. Here are 5 signs you need to act on it now.


It is Sunday and a long week awaits you. How quickly the weekend flew by! Do you get such anxieties every Sunday night?

If so, get out of your job. Your mind and body are just not accepting the fact that you will get back to doing the same monotonous work for the next five days.

They are not happy about it and you probably get headaches and tension in your muscles due to that.


Staying in a career that makes you doubt yourself is never worth it, in spite of good pay and other perks. If you do not feel good about your job, leave.

Your self-esteem is definitely more important than any amount of money or benefits you may get.

Low self-esteem seriously and adversely affects your long term emotional health and makes it difficult for you to concentrate on the tiniest tasks.

The work you do should make you feel confident and boost your self-esteem, not the opposite.


Yes sir, money is indeed important, no doubts about that. But do you really think that when your heart is not in your job the money you are getting out of it is worth it? Heard the song “Can’t buy me love”?

Material things cannot make up for the kind of job satisfaction we need. You may be earning enough to afford designer clothes.

But even in those clothes, you are going to that same office. And the satisfaction of material things does not last.


If you are spending most of your time thinking of the career that you could have, stop thinking and start acting. Go for the career you want.

Rather than just pondering over it forever, looking up companies and bookmark jobs, step out and do your research.

Talk to people and find out whether you really want that career, whether it is really as attractive as you think it to be, and whether your work will really be as interesting as you are assuming at the moment.


Of course, everyone has days when they feel unenergetic and unenthusiastic at work, or otherwise.

But if you are that way every day of the week, then your job is the culprit. It is making you unhappy and you do not look forward to working then there anymore.


When you have the right career you feel more productive and positive. You feel your talents and abilities are being valued.

You have a sense of purpose and pride. The right career “fits”. And for that you will need to work a bit – it will not come effortlessly.

You will need to evaluate yourself, your interests and what you want from work and life. Once you have a clear vision of that and you understand what you really what, go for it.

Not only will you need to take into account what you desire but also your finances.

If you have transferable skills, that’s great because that would not require you to invest in yourself but simply get a new job, although since you do not have experience that may prove to be a bit difficult and you cannot always expect the same pay as you were getting before.

But if you are making a dive into a completely new profession you might need to complete some courses before you get a job because of the skills specific to that field.

That means you would need to invest in yourself: plan out a budget for that. See if your savings can fund your studies so can you can avoid taking loans for your program since repaying them is such a chore.

You could keep working part-time to take care of your expenses. It is normally not because you cannot do it but because you choose not to. If you really want to, you will find a way.

Are you ready to take the plunge? That’s all on the 5 Signs You Need A Career Change.

This article was written by Batool Ali, a passionate blogger who loves to write on everything related to Finance and Economics.

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