How To See Someone’s Hidden Friend List On Facebook

If you have a friend on Facebook whose friend list is inaccessible for you, he/she might have hidden it intentionally as a way of keeping things private and a way of taking further security precautions against hackers and scammers.

But do you know there is a way you can still view their friend list? Just a few steps you’ll discover soon will reveal how.

But first, let’s discuss what hiding a friend list means and why some people does so.

What does it mean to hide your Facebook friend list?

Ordinarily, when you open a Facebook account, anybody anywhere can view your profile and also see your list of friends. It doesn’t matter if such person is your friend or you both share a mutual friend. But when you hide your friend list, it means you have restricted the general public from viewing your list of friends.

If you don’t want to hide your friend list totally, there is an option to make it visible to only your friends, or to all your friends excluding some, or to some specific friends of your choice.

You can now make it visible to yourself only if you want to hide it from everyone.

Why do people hide their friend list?

When you ask people this question, there are lot of varying answers you will likely get, but the bottom line or the summary is that they do it for privacy. Now the reason the privacy is needed may differ.

For example, a strange Facebook user that you don’t know can just randomly pick up your account and go through your friend list probably to have a dig on one of your friends.

Again, Online scammers take the advantage of visible friend list on people’s account to copy information of some of these accounts to create fake accounts.

They then use this account to make friends with people who are friends of the original account owner.

And they go on to use this fake account for fraudulent activities in the name that the account bears.

And you wouldn’t know that your friends privacy have just been breached through you and without your permission. But hiding your friend list can take care of these.

What happens when you hide your friend list?

When you hide your friend list, it does not really have alterations on your Facebook account or your social interaction with your friends. It only keeps the names of your friends and details about them away from your account.

Although, their posts and comments on your timeline remains visible.

Can you hide your mutual friends list?

If you have friends that are named A, B, C and D, and friend A is also friends with B and C. Your friend A will still be able to see  your mutual friend list (i.e the list of friends B and C) but will not be able to see friend D. Therefore, you can not hide your mutual friend list.

How to see someone’s hidden friend lists.

It is possible to view a hidden friend list. But you might need to use a laptop computer that has Google chrome installed on it for a better experience. On your laptop, you would need to install social revealer or Facebook friends mapper.

Both Social revealer and Facebook friends mapper give you access to the parts of your friends Facebook profiles that are hidden.

How to see someone’s hidden friend list using Social Revealer.

  • Visit Google chrome store and install an extension called “Social revealer”.
  • After you have installed it on the system, it’s time to get to Facebook.
  • Log in to your Facebook account on the same system.
  • You can Search for the friends name using the search button.
  • Or browse your friend list to get to the friend in question.
  • Click on the name of the friend to view their profile.
  • Hold on here and open the social revealer software you installed earlier.
  • After the software has loaded, click on see friends.
  • The list of the hidden friends will be displayed in a new tab.

How to see someone’s hidden friend list using Facebook friends mapper.

  • Download friend mapper
  • Add extension in your chrome browser.
  • Log in to your Facebook
  • Open the friend’s profile
  • Click on the Reveal friends Option.
  • The friend’s list will be displayed after the search is done.

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