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13 Best Mobile Apps For Personal Finance In 2020

There’s no doubt everything is going mobile! This includes your personal finances. It has become increasingly necessary to take everything with you wherever you go.

We want and need to stay connected to our friends, our co-workers, our employees, clients, and yes, even our money!

If you looking for mobile apps to help you manage your day-to-day personal finance, this article will help.

Here are 13 of the best mobile apps for personal finance to help you stay organized and secure in your finances.

1. Mint

The Mint mobile app can be compared to several other best personal finance apps because it is made available for Android and iOS devices and also free to use as well as gives you scores on your free credit wallet.

When using this app you get a summary of your credit analysis, as well as your credit score notifications and credit tracking.

This great personal finance app enables you to check your finance in categories and through specific merchants.

This function gives you the ability to gain better control of where your money go thereby giving you the possibility of making better financial plans.

This personal finance app is not only a highly recommended free money management app but it is also a free personal money app that gives you a lot of tools and functions.

It evaluates your spending on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

One other awesome part of the Mint personal finance app is that it offers investment tracking by synchronizing the app with your investment accounts directly with no stress.

 2. Finance Assistant Pro

This app allows you to create, add, and delete expense categories and also to enter, change, or delete expense “types” within categories.

It focuses on budget and financial planning and lets you monitor your expenses based on specific categories and types.

It also has a neat feature called Moneybox which displays how much money you have at the end of the period of time and other features.

This is a good app for your Android device to take with you on trips, or anytime you want to be reminded of your spending plan. (available for Android/Google Play only).

3. Venmo

Considered the best app available right now (by Forbes’ Magazine), this app allows you to connect your credit cards and debit cards directly to your device, allowing you to pay your friend back for dinner while you are sitting at the table with them!

This very cool aspect of this device will not only be convenient, but it will make you the talk of the table. (available for Apple iPhone or iPad).

4. You Need A Budget (YNAB)

This mobile app been one of the best personal finance mobile apps in 2020 is a great finance app and it is available for Android and iOS mobile devices.

It gives a service that settles the problem overspending and the absence of financial plan through making the user keep watch on his/her finance as well as providing adequate analysis on spending and income.

Just like so many other good mobile apps for personal finance, The YOU Need A Budget app connects to all your bank accounts in various financial institutions with this service and provides an efficient tracking pattern for your finances on those accounts as well as your spending from them.

This personal finance app is also widely known as one of the best money management apps 2020 that is ideal for people aiming to manage their finance as well as plan their expenses.

It displays their spending progress to keep the users aware of their spending in order to prevent excessive spending beyond the planned budget.

5. Wikinvest Portfolio Manager

This app goes beyond allowing you to balance your budget and even lets you manage your portfolio “on the run.” Check stocks and investments with ease and one-button control from your mobile device. As an added bonus, this app allows you to download the Forbes Intelligent Investing app as well. (available for iOS 3.0 and up)

3. Personal Capital

The Personal Capital app has grown over time into one of the best personal finance apps for android devices.

This personal finance app offers to its users a free personal finance software that carries along with it functions to help its users control their finance.

One awesome thing about the Personal Capital app for personal finance is that it is absolutely free and can be used by multiple individuals.

The Personal Capital mobile app does not only provide proper planning for your finance, but it also provides necessary investment options to enable you make smart decisions.

One last thing about the Personal Capital app is that it provides customized asset distributions as well as retirement options.

6. Clarity Money

A lot of businesses in the world today are advancing towards subscription era and it becomes difficult or stressful to monitor the numerous subscription packages they have been registered for.

This is where the Clarity Money mobile app comes in by helping them check and avoid paying for unused subscription packages by revealing and ending such subscriptions to avoid wasting your finance.

This app is ranked as one of the top mobile apps for personal finance in 2020 because of its efficiency in analyzing your expenses and providing best solutions to enable you regulate you finance properly.

It not only displays your progress in terms of spending, it helps the users make payments directly from their synchronized bank accounts on the app thereby reducing stress.

7. Prism

The Prism mobile app is best for paying bills and managing personal finance amongst other awesome features that makes this personal finance mobile app one of the best.

This app makes available the possibility of paying so many bills with its numerous biller options that covers your bill payments conveniently.

When your numerous bills have been integrated with the app, it monitors your bills and alerts you when it is due with notifications to help make payments on time thereby preventing problems in future.

It is also possible to set your bills and let the Prism mobile app carry out your bill payment at the right time.

This app is quite easy to use with an interface that makes users conveniently access the various features.

8. Spendee

Just as there are lots of Personal finance mobile apps developed for businesses and companies, there are also top personal finance apps designed for individuals and personal use that allows you to create wallets you can share with friends and family members.

It also enables you bring in your transactions from your numerous bank accounts and help you arrange them in categories so you can easily know how much expenses you make monthly.

A lot of individuals find it difficult to balance their spending with their budget and this affects their finance. Without proper budget planning, they end up attracting debts and unnecessary expenses that cause them to lose cash faster.

The Spendee mobile app creates a way for these individuals to cut their excessive spending and also draw out a better plan for their finance thereby monitoring their bank accounts as well as transactions.

9. EveryDollar

The EveryDollar mobile app for personal finance makes use of a zero-based pattern that offers its users an avenue to connect their various bank accounts with the app thereby enabling them monitor transactions and expenses done from their accounts with proper means of finance planning.

This app is very efficient in the US and is used by a lot of people who have problems managing their finances while paying special attention to their spending.

10. Mobills

The Mobills mobile app is an awesome personal finance app in 2020 that helps you categorize your expenses in an arranged pattern to enable you monitor your expenses and manage it to prevent spending your finances outside you budget.

This feature helps the users to know the balance of their finance in order to help them plan properly on their spending.

Just like other great personal finance mobile apps, the mobile app helps the user synchronize his/her various bank accounts and bank transactions with the app thereby enabling the user to carefully observe and monitor his/her finance.

11. Wally

This app is known as a perfect spending check or monitor that best suits individuals who have interest in monitoring their expenses.

Wally mobile app is quite easy to use and very efficient in personal finance with provisions made for the user to carefully monitor transactions from the numerous bank accounts synchronized with the app.

Another beautiful feature of the Wally mobile app besides the efficient monitoring of spending is the fact that it allows you take pictures of receipts during transactions.

12. Coinbase

The Coinbase mobile app unlike several other apps for personal finance, is a Cryptocurrency transaction app in the sense that it is a platform enables users trade Cryptocurrency which includes digital coins such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin and so on.

The Coinbase app is quite easy to use and it is a simplified version of the PC version making it compatible with mobile devices.

13. MoneyKeeperPRO

This app is for Google Play (Android) system and allows you to add your expenses and incomes in only 2 clicks of the button. It is very easy to use and keep up with.

You simply choose the category you want, enter the amount, press the income or expense button to see the results.

This app allows streamlined ability to merge your expenses with your income and see what you have leftover without any figuring! Very convenient and user-friendly! (Google Play/Android only)

There you have it! These are 13 of the best financial apps available right now!

Try them all or one or two to see which best suit your purposes. Whether you use the Android or iOS operating system, there’s a financial app for every situation.

Keeping up with your finances just got easier…and mobile! So go on, “take the money and run!!!”

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