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15 Best Universities In Canada For International Students 2021

This is a detailed guide on the 15 Best Universities In Canada For International Students.

If you are want to study in Canada as an international student, this post is for you.

If you need some help in identifying which Canadian university is best for international students, this post is also for you.

In this post, I will share with you the top best universities in Canada where you can study as an international student.

Canada has proven to be home for international students more recently, and in this post, I will help you see the best institutions to house your educational responsibilities.

You will be guided towards the right educational path Canada is boasting of.

Education In Canada

Canada is one of the best places you could be to study either as an indigene or as an international student.

Many of the top universities in the world are located in Canada, institutions that will give you nothing less than quality.

Apart from being very exceptional with their educational resources, they also give room for international students to enjoy their standard system of education and facilities.

If you don’t reside in Canada and you would love to study in one of its top universities as an international student, then you are about to make one of the best decisions you could make for yourself.

These universities have a lot of programs for you that you can choose from, but if you need help in deciding the best universities in Canada, keep reading on for the revelation.

Please note, a Canadian Study Permit is required before you can travel to study in the country.

Obtaining a permit will help you get closer to achieving your goal of studying in Canada as an international student.

Best Universities In Canada For International Students

What are the top best universities in Canada?

After some evaluation, I have one you with this list of top best universities in Canada for international students.

Let’s get started with it!

1. University Of Toronto

The University of Toronto is the top best University in Canada.

The Institution sits in 18th place in the rankings of universities of the world.

Impressive? That’s a result of what they capable of.

The University of Toronto is one of the best universities for medicine in the world.

It has students from various countries of the world. The number of countries estimated to be about 160.

This is truly the best University you can pursue in Canada.

University of Toronto website

2. University of British Columbia (UBC)

The University of British Columbia is an outstanding university in Canada where international students who are looking for a good education gateway can trust.

The University of British Columbia is ranked 34th in the world, and one of its qualities is the excellence in research work as well as scholarships offers for its international students.

The University of Columbia has produced many prominent and influential people not just in Canada but around the whole world.

University of British Columbia website

3. Montreal’s McGill University

Montreal’s McGill University is a prestigious medical institution in Canada.

Ranked 42nd in the world, Montreal’s McGill University is the first Institution to run a medicine program.

The institution became the first to establish the faculty of medicine in Canada.

The university has students from up to 150 different countries of the world. You can see that you wouldn’t be making any mistake in studying in this highly reputable university.

Montreal’s McGill University website

4. McMaster University

McMaster University is another prominent university in Canada for international students.

The institution is ranked 72nd in the world, and it dies exceptionally well in handling academic activities.

It has students from about 90 countries or more and its medical faculty is popular globally.

In addition to the popularity of its faculty of medicine, the faculties of engineering, science, humanities, and business are also popular.

McMaster University website

5. University of Montreal (Université de Montréal)

Coming fifth on this list is not a mere thing for the University of Montreal.

The institution is ranked 85th in the world, and one of its notable peculiarities is the sporting sense the Institution has.

The University of Montreal is known for sport, but that is not all it is known for.

Other areas of its peculiarity are the excellence in business education as well as its great input in scientific research works.

University of Montreal website


6. University of Alberta

The University of Alberta is the next great institution I will recommend for international students who would love to study in Canada.

The Institution is ranked 136th in the world, and offers programs that are related to the energy research field, and is credited with a number of awards more than other Canadian universities.

The University of Alberta is a proficient university and this has been proven by taking a look at the prominent graduates it has produced.

This is a place you’ll want to be, trust me.

University of Alberta website

7. University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa is the largest bilingual university in the whole world.

The institution embraces both English and French Languages. And it teaches courses in these two languages.

The University of Ottawa is ranked 141st in the world, and it has students from over 150 countries of the world.

A few reasons why it is best for you as an international student is its high educational standard at a low cost, plus low accommodation charges in comparison to other Institutions in other areas of the country.

University of Ottawa website

8. University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo is definitely a place to be for international students.

One of the major strengths of this university is its excellence in Engineering and physical sciences educational programs.

The University of Waterloo is efficient and proficient, a home for many Professionals in the world.

University of Waterloo website

9. Western University

Western University is an institution that specializes in business administration, law, education, and medicine.

This is one of the Canadian universities that have fine really well in the area of researches.

The institution has very outstanding academic programs for its students.

Western University will definitely be a good choice for you as an international student looking to study in Canada.

Western University website

10. University of Calgary

The University of Calgary is a center of excellence.

Having prevailed in improving the educational standard of Canada.

The Institution has students from about 125 different countries of the world.

It is known for its programs such as engineering, commerce, and kinesiology, even dance.

University of Calgary website

11. Simon Fraser University (SFU)

The next institution on the list is Simon Fraser University.

Simon Fraser University is a non-profit institution with many branch campuses around, and It has several programs in several fields of study.

This Institution is well recognized and is open to international students all over the world.

Simon Fraser University website

12. York University

York University is another reputable Institution in Canada.

It is the third-largest university in Canada, and it is known for its Strength in research works.

York University also has the only space Engineering Program in Canada.

York University wesite

13. Ryerson University

Ryerson University is one of the popular Institutions for international students.

It is one of the fastest-growing universities in Canada.

Ryerson University stands as one of the most popular for its excellent educational operations.

Ryerson University website

14. Laval University (Université Laval)

Laval University is one of the top best universities in Canada.

It is a reputable institution that has produced prominent graduates that has lead in politics and other strategic places.

It has students from over 120 different countries around the world.

Laval University website

15. University of New Brunswick

The University of New Brunswick is an institution well known in Canada for entrepreneurship.

In fact, it has once been named as an entrepreneurial Institution in 2014.

The University of New Brunswick is always open to interested international students all over.

University of New Brunswick website

That is all on the top best universities in Canada for international students.

Hope this was helpful?

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