Career Opportunities In Philosophy

Career Opportunities In Philosophy In Nigeria

This is a detailed guide on the career opportunities in Philosophy in Nigeria.

Philosophy is one of the courses people refuse to study in school because they believe there are no career opportunities in Philosophy in Nigeria.

However, like other courses, there are numerous career opportunities in Philosophy you can take advantage of especially if you graduated with a good result.

This article on career opportunities in philosophy in Nigeria has explained in detail the different career opportunities in Philosophy in Nigeria and where to find them

What Is Philosophy?

Philosophy has to do with gaining knowledge of the basic questions about existence, reality, knowledge, language,  reason,  values, and the mind.

However, philosophy is the love of wisdom and those studying philosophy are always in constant pursuit of knowledge and that is why they engage in asking questions, answering questions, and arguing about life basic questions.

However, questions in philosophy are often seen as problems to be studied or solved.

In studying history of philosophy, one cannot forget to explore the ideas of historical persons including Plato, Locke, Marx, Aristotle, Hume, Mill, Aquinas, Kant, Wittgenstein, Descartes, Nietzsche, and Sartre.

Areas Of Philosophy

Philosophy is a broad theory and it encompasses areas such as:

  • Philosophy of Law
  • Philosophy of Feminism
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Philosophy of Mind
  • Philosophy of Literature
  • Political Philosophy
  • Philosophy of the Arts
  • Philosophy of History
  • Philosophy of Language

Importance Of Philosophy

The importance of philosophy can never be underrated because philosophy can be applied in basically all areas of life, and in any field of endeavor.

However, below are the importance of Philosophy.

It Improves Problem Solving Skills

The study of philosophy helps to improve people’s ability to solve problems. It enables people to examine ideas, problems, statements, and definitions.

Problem-solving skills are essential skills needed in all workplaces, and when you study philosophy, your ability to reason beyond the ordinary is activated, and you begin to think logically instead of emotionally and ask important questions.

However, Philosophy also helps people to categorize ideas, analyze information, retain the essential ones and disregard others.

It Improves Communication Skills

Philosophy contributes hugely to the development of great communication skills. It grants people the ability to express themselves extensively.

A person who studies philosophy would effortlessly be able to present ideas through a well-constructed argument.

Philosophy has to do with speech and writing, people who study philosophy are always airing their views and asking questions, and because of this, they become good at communication.

However, philosophy helps people to express complex ideas in clear terms, thereby eliminating ambiguities from their writing and speech

It Enhances Persuasive Powers

People who study philosophy are embedded with persuasive power to intelligently present their argument to convince people.

When you lack persuasive power, nothing you say will make sense to people even when it is the right thing, and so Philosophy enables people to present and defend their views effortlessly.

However, the persuasive skills you acquire from studying philosophy are not developed only through reading and writing philosophy but through philosophical discussions within and outside the classroom.

It Teaches Writing Skills

Writing is an essential skill in every sphere of life, and it is taught thoroughly in many philosophy courses.

However, Philosophy teaches different kinds of writing including interpretive writing, comparative, argumentative, and descriptive writing.

Moreover, structure and technique are part of philosophical writing, and originality is also appreciated as students are generally encouraged to think critically to create unique ideas.

It Helps In The Understanding Of Other Disciplines

Philosophy deepens people’s knowledge of other fields of study and helps them answer some basic questions that emanated from other disciplines.

For instance, the Philosophy of science is needed to expand the understanding of the natural and social sciences, and philosophy of literature, and philosophy of history are needed for a thorough understanding of humanities.

However, philosophy clarifies the relationship between one field of study and another.

It Helps Develop Sound Methods of Research and Analysis

Philosophy helps people develop sound methods of research and analysis by enabling people to frame hypotheses, carry out research, formulate ideas and problems, and select important data and objective methods for assessing ideas and proposals.

Philosophy helps people to research a variety of subjects, generate ideas for many different kinds of problems, and have a generated plan to solve the problems.

Career Opportunities In Philosophy In Nigeria

Philosophy majors do not lack what to do when they graduate from the university because they are always sought by top establishments.

They are easily considered for job opportunities especially if they graduated with good grades. However, below are the carer opportunities in Philosophy in Nigeria for philosophy majors.

1. Law

Law is one of the career opportunities in Philosophy in Nigeria. Philosophy is one of the best courses to equip those who are interested in working in a law firm.

When you study philosophy, you are embedded with the knowledge of all kinds of logical reasoning and conceptual analysis that a law firm needs.

Philosophers function well in the field of law because of their enablement to think and write quickly and clearly and their ability to analyze and present arguments.

However, philosophers are known to score higher on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) than students offering other subjects.

2. Teaching

Teaching is one of the career opportunities in Philosophy in Nigeria. However, with a degree in philosophy, you can venture into the teaching field.

You can teach humanities courses in the university or teach some art subjects in the high school.

However, securing a teaching job as a philosophy major in colleges or universities requires you to possess an additional post-graduate degree in either philosophy or other humanities-related courses.

3. Public Relations

The communication and analytic skills you acquired from studying philosophy in a higher institution are the essential skills needed to work in diverse public relations fields.

With the knowledge of philosophy, you will be able to plan campaigns, write and produce presentations and press releases, attend to questions from the public, press, and other organizations, and plan and attend functions such as press conferences, tours, exhibitions, etc.

However, with the in-depth knowledge of philosophy, you will be able to convey complex information to the audience in clear terms, and also handle the questions thrown at you intelligently.

4. Public Services

Public services are undoubtedly one of the career opportunities in Philosophy in Nigeria. As a philosophy major, you are excellently qualified for positions in the state or federal civil service, or any other public organizations.

Philosophy majors possess the skills that are most needed in public organizations which are communication, formation of arguments, problem-solving, creativity, writing, research, and the ability to unriddle the argument of others.

However, if you must function well in the public sector as a philosophy major, you must adhere to the principle of selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty, and leadership.

5. Business and Management

Business is one of the career opportunities in Philosophy in Nigeria. Philosophers have the necessary skills such as analytics, problem-solving, communication, emotional intelligence, and people skills that are typical of a business person.

They have great knowledge of the business world, and they mostly become venture capitalists, marketing specialists, managers, publishing industry executives, editors, real-estate brokers, and stockbrokers.

However, companies are on the lookout to employ philosophers to manage their businesses because of their ability to reason logically and also think critically to solve complex issues.

6. Writing

Writing is one of the career opportunities in Philosophy in Nigeria. Writers are sought for in all areas of life, and philosophers can make good writers because of their wide expanse of knowledge.

Philosophers with critical thinking and analytical skills can earn a living as copywriters, storytellers, content creators, editors, etc.

7. Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is one of the career opportunities in Philosophy in Nigeria, and philosophers are in high demand in the field.

Psychotherapy is the adoption of psychological methods to treat mental illness, it has to do with skillfully interacting with mental health patients to enable them to overcome problems.

Philosophy majors have relational abilities and knowledge of psychology to interact with mental health patients and restore them to their right state of mind.

8. Marketing

Philosophy majors are knowledgeable in culture, society, and human understanding and thus would make good marketers to organizations.

However, with the essential skills of marketers which are communication, creativity, problem-solving, attention to detail, interpersonal skills, leadership skills, writing skills, data analysis, etc., Philosophy majors are sure to strive in this field.

9. Financial Institutions

Philosophers can function well in financial institutions because they possess analytical skills that are invaluable and helpful to financial organizations.

They are well equipped with skills such as communication, problem-solving, customer service, emotional intelligence, and time management which are essential in financial institutions.

10. Human Resources Management

Philosophy majors can function adequately as human resources managers. Human resources managers serve as middlemen between workers heads of departments and CEOS.

Human resources managers manage information and relate with people daily in person, over the phone, and through email.

However, human resources managers possess skills such as critical thinking and listening skills.

Important Skills Of Philosophy Majors

Philosophy majors possess skills such as:

  • Analytical thinking skills
  • Communication skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • argumentative skills
  • Writing skills
  • General problem-solving skills
  • Management and administration skills
  • Research and investigation skills
  • Information management skills
  • Flexibility and creativity
  • Teamwork
  • Design and planning skills, etc.

With the skills they possess, they can carry out the following functions:

1. Analyze and build sound arguments.

2. Distinguish the dissimilarities between views.

3. Present opinions convincingly through well-constructed, organized arguments.

4. Write clearly and constructively.

5. Develop ideas and come up with solutions to problems.

6. Explore new ideas and ways of thinking.

7. Prioritize work and meet deadlines.

8. Identify, absorb and filter complex information.

9. Generate ideas for different problems.

10. Formulate and solve problems.

11. Avoid assumptions and propose alternatives.

12. Make good decisions, and examine thoroughly the consequences of various actions.

13. Examine various angles of topics.

14. Write and speak clearly and effectively.

15. Analyze and evaluate various thoughts and theories.

That’s all on the career opportunities in Philosophy in Nigeria, I hope it helps you make the right decisions.

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