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Top 5 Cheap Universities In Ireland For International Students 2023

This is a detailed guide on 5 cheap Universities In Ireland for international students.

The purpose I want to achieve with this list is to open the door of international education to you in Ireland.

Not only that but also showing you the Institutions that will give you this opportunity at low costs.

After reading this post, you would have gotten the required information about the top cheap Universities in Ireland for international students.

Summarily, if you are aspiring to study in low-cost Universities in Ireland, this post is for you.

You will learn about the best Universities you can study in without spending too much money.

The Importance Of Irish Education.

Before I will give you my list of the cheap Universities In Ireland for international students, I want you to have an understanding of where Irish education stands in the world.

The development of Ireland over the years has been greatly influenced by the success in its education sector.

When you consider the standard of education all over the world, Ireland has a very reputable standard above many nations of the world.

Although the country does not have too many Universities to boast of, I can tell you they give a perfect definition to the phrase “quality over quantity”.

They stand highly ranked in the world of education.

How Well Do Universities In Ireland Ranks?

To start with, the IMD World Competitiveness ranked the overall educational system of Ireland in 20th place.

More interestingly, I told you earlier that the country so not have too many Universities, especially government-owned Universities.

Yet, the country has up to 7 of its universities ranked among the top 100 universities in the while whole world.

I think you will begin to see that they have quality over quantity.

Why Should You Study In Ireland?

If you are still wondering if there are enough reasons to study in Ireland, let me give you something you can hold on to.

As aforementioned, the educational standard in the country is one of the best worldwide.

Secondly, the country boasts of quality Universities than quantity.

In addition, various programs of the Institutions are interestingly loaded and are mouthwatering.

And to cap it all, can easily enjoy all these at relatively low costs for tuition and academic expenses.

The low cost is not only limited to tuition fees. The cost of living (talk of food, shelter, and so on) is also very affordable.

Kindly read on as I’m about to unravel the 5 Cheap Universities In Ireland for international students.

5 Cheap Universities in Ireland for International Students

At this point, I believe you strongly hold the educational standard of Ireland in high regard, its about time to share with you the Institutions that are keeping the flag of the country high internationally when we talk of education.

Below are the cheap Universities In Ireland for international students.

1. Trinity College Dublin

At the top of my list here sits trinity college, and I must say it provides a very cheap study opportunity for international students.

Trinity college is one of the oldest Universities in Ireland and it was established in the year 1952.

The Institution is well known and reputable because of the success it has accrued so far.

Trinity College has the capability to take good care of the academic needs of international students.

The Institution is holding about 15,000 students for various academic programs both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Trinity College has been outstanding in various fields of study, a few of them are Nanotechnology, Mathematics, Politics, information technology, Psychology, and so on.

The tuition fees range from EUR 17,000.

Trinity College Dublin website

2. University of Limerick

Secondly, I will be talking about the University of Limerick.

This is another important and prominent Institution on this list of cheap Universities In Ireland for international students.

The University of Limerick was founded in the year 1972, and it is located in the city of Limerick.

It has recorded success that puts it in the limelight in the area of public research.

The number of students in this Institution is estimated to be over 16,000, and many of these students are from over 100 different countries in the world.

What other place should you be as an international student?

The University of Limerick provides one of the best standards of education in Ireland, and I must still mention that you will get this at a low cost

The tuition fees range from EUR 1200.

University of Limerick website

3. University College, Cork

Next on our agenda is the University College, Cork.

This is another proficient and cheap University in Ireland for international students.

The Institution is founded in 1845, and it is located in Cork – the second largest city in Ireland.

University College, Cork is very reputable and has a high educational standard.

One of its pride is that it stands as tall and in front in the area of research among other Institutions in the country.

The Institution has scaled well in researches in the fields of nanoelectronics, environmental research, and food technology.

The number of students enrolled in the University of Cork is estimated to be around 20,000 or even more.

This is truly one of the best Universities to learn from in Ireland as an international student.

The tuition fees range from EUR 10,000.

University College, Cork website

4. Dublin Business School

Dublin Business School is yet another important name on this list of cheap Universities In Ireland for international students.

Dublin Business School was founded in the year 1975 as an accountancy and business college.

The aim at the inception was to provide education that will facilitate the improvement of the commerce sector in the country.

During this time, it does not hold full-time classes.

It held classes only on evenings for professional accounting students.

But it has expanded over time to become a full-running institution and one that can be recommended for international students as such.

Although still called a business school, the institution has students in various fields that include law, psychology, management, Information Technology, and more.

Dublin Business School has a student base that numbers up to over 9000 students and its three major schools (or faculties in other terms) that oversee the academic duties are the school of Arts, the school of business and law, and the professional school.

The tuition fees range from EUR 5000.

Dublin Business School website

5. Griffith College, Dublin

The fifth Institution on my list is another Dublin Institution, the Griffith College, Dublin.

Griffith College is a private institution that is known for its excellence in the academic sector of Ireland as a nation.

It is in fact ranked as one of the top 100 private institutions in the world.

This is no little feat considering the thousands of private institutions in existence all over the world.

In addition to how it is well regarded in the society of higher institutions, Griffith college is in partnership with several other international institutions abroad.

Among which we have institutions in Germany, the United States of America, India, Korea, and also China.

Griffith college was founded in the year 1974 and has now grown to become internationally recognized.

The number of students enrolled in Griffith college stands above 7000, undergraduates and postgraduates inclusive.

Griffith College is an institution you can consider studying in Ireland as an international student.

The tuition fees range from EUR 12,000.

Griffith College, Dublin website

That will be all on the cheap Universities In Ireland for international students.

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