How To Use Facebook Dating App

Dating On Facebook; How To Use Facebook Dating App

Dating On Facebook; How To Use Facebook Dating App: Facebook dating is as simple and easy to use as the Facebook app itself is, find out how true its statement is in this article.

For years since its launch, Facebook has been one of the world’s most used social networks. It is rare to find a person -with access to the internet and above the minimum age to own a Facebook account- who does not own one in today’s world.

Over the years, Facebook has provided its users with wonderful services and chatting experiences whilst also being a platform to meet new friends.

Why Date On Facebook?

On Facebook, users can chat with new friends and initiate a relationship. However, Facebook has decided to go a step further in making this process easier with their new Facebook Dating feature.

Facebook Dating was first launched on September 20, 2018, and it is specifically designed for Facebook users to find people who have things in common with them.

This could include common interests, groups, and activities. Currently, there is no web version for Facebook Dating but it is available on the Facebook mobile

Facebook Dating exists within the app and Facebook users will need to create a specialized profile to access it. Only people aged 18 and above are allowed to create this profile and the only things that would be replicated from the user’s main profile are the name and age.

This profile is easy to create and would contain specific information that would allow users to be easily matched with people who would be interested in them and their activities.

This dating profile will be kept separate from the normal Facebook profile; Facebook friends will not be suggested to users and they will also not be notified that the user joined Facebook Dating, although there is an option for ‘friends of friends to be suggested.

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Users’ activities on Facebook Dating will not be shared on their news feed as Facebook is committed to ensuring people who use Facebook Dating do so freely.

Facebook is making sure users are safe when they are going out on dates with strangers and with their unique safety features, they plan to achieve this. Facebook Dating’s safety policy.

allows users the option of sending a message to friends or family members, telling them about wanting to go on a date with someone.

From the Facebook Dating platform, users can access messenger and give details of the date to them. Details could include the name of the person you want to go on a date with, the time you intend to meet your date, the agreed location, and the time of the date.

The family or friend would be reminded 15 minutes before the time of the date to access your live location but currently, the location can only be shared for one hour.

How Does Facebook Dating Works

1. Set Up Your Profile: To use the Facebook Dating app, ensure you update the Facebook app on your Android OS or IOS device to the latest version.

Once this is done, Facebook Dating will appear on a new tab on the homepage. Open this tab and create your Facebook Dating profile which is separate from your Facebook profile.

While setting up your Facebook Dating profile, you will fill in your personal details. These details include your height, education, religion, employment status, and whether or not you have children.

While creating your dating profile, photos from your Facebook profile will be suggested for you to use. You can decide to discard these photos or edit and use them.

2. Find A Match: While setting up a Facebook Dating profile, users will be asked for their gender and the gender(s) of people they want to be matched with. Gender options users are open to include

cis-woman, trans-woman, cis-man, trans-man and non-binary person. They can also select whether they are interested in everyone, women, men, trans-women, or trans-men. This information will not be shared with potential matches.

Your matches and suggestions would only be people who have a Facebook Dating profile and these suggestions will be based on your preferences as filled in your profile.

You will also not be matched with people on your Facebook friends list unless you both have each other on your ‘secret crush’ lists.

3. Contact A Match: Contacting a match on Facebook Dating is easy. You just have to comment directly on their profile or tap ‘like’ to create awareness.

Your activities on Facebook Dating will not be shared on Facebook. What happens in Facebook Dating stays in Facebook Dating, right?

Facebook Dating Features

Some wonderful Facebook Dating features include:

* Stories: On Facebook Dating, you can choose to share pictures and videos of your everyday life. These stories can be shared from your Facebook or Instagram and disappear after 24 hours.

* Secret Crush: With Secret Crush, you can explore relationships with people you already know on Facebook or Instagram.

You are allowed to select up to 9 Facebook friends or Instagram followers and you can’t select celebrities unless they follow you.

Your ‘secret crush’ will not be notified of your selection whether or not they have a Facebook Dating account except you are on each other’s Secret Crush lists.

Virtual Dates: After you have a match on Facebook Dating, meeting physical is not a must. Tapping the video call icon on your chat, you can have an audio-visual conversation with your match.

Events and Groups: With events and groups on Facebook Dating, you can meet people who have the same interests as yours.

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