Global Cyber University: Courses, Admission, And Tuition

Global Cyber University is an international institute that is founded on the Hongik Ideal, which portrays the importance of education which is essential to life.

This institute which is founded on Hongik Ideal hopes to show the true meaning of Korean culture through teachings.

The way people study currently has changed as students now schedule their curriculum to their needs and at their own time

The institute gives equal opportunities to students like other online institutes.

Global Cyber University is an institute that educates young people for the 21st century, also promoting Korean culture.

In most countries, Global Cyber University is referred to as BTS University. Some members of the university who are now public figures promoted the Hallyu culture as Korean celebrities also help in promoting Hallyu at Global Cyber University.

The Hongik culture is a general culture for everyone and the Global Cyber University is based on this philisophy.

The Hongik Ideal act as a foundation for Global Cyber University which means live and work for all not only yourself.

The institute contributes to the world cultural information.

Global Cyber University is an institute that helps students with great dreams and talents to discover them and put it into work for their benefits and that of their immediate environment.

Art and Culture is a sector in which talented individuals are being trained and nurtured to connect with creative minds around the world which will help to develop their talent.

In Global Cyber University, it is believed that education is very crucial to the way people live their lives which is more important than any other thing, because education sharpens and shapes a man.

The Global institute wish to relate the outcome of the Korean culture through teachings.

Despite the class or financial situation of a person, they can access many types of education through the internet, thanks to the technology age that is changing things in internet-based education.

This Global institute is popular for helping students to reach their targeted goal in life.

These teachings has developed into personal skills that helps in living better around the world.

A lot of older people are currently enrolled to study a particular course so as to reach their full potential.

Global Cyber University is on a mission to grow its educational platform. The institute provides an accessible online platform which the students can freely learn any course of their choice.

Unlike traditional universities where lecturers and students have physical contact, the reverse is the case for cyber universities. Students contact with each other virtually, in such cases, a student is Africa and connects to his/her classmate in Asia. This helps in connecting people all over the world and it is beneficial to humans.

This collaborative learning method through the use of the internet has really helped students to connect to each other no matter the distance.

Accreditation at Global Cyber University

Global Cyber University has been approved to run a four-year university by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in Korea in collaboration Higher Education Act.

The Global Institute is accredited by the necessary bodies.

How Do I Apply For Global Cyber University

Global Cyber University has a 96.3 percent acceptance rate. This means you can apply to the university with diligence and have a better chance of being admitted.

You can apply to Global Cyber University comfortably as the acceptance rate is 96.3%

There is a high chance of being admitted to the school.

Commencement of Spring Semester is March 1, 2022

The application period is January 18, 2022 – February 8, 2022

Below are the steps to actualize your application

  • Go to
  • Fill out the online application form completely and save it.
  • Make payment for the application fee which is KRW 30,000
  • Fill out the study plan online

Courses Offered By Global Cyber University

Global Cyber University is a professional institution in Korea, poised at discovering cultural talent.

Global Cyber University is an institution that establishes itself as a bridge of cultural exchange.

This is accomplished through the following programs

Social Welfare: The Department of Social Welfare in Global Cyber University trains its students in becoming leaders in the field of independence, shared human survival, and coexistence of humans.

Counseling Psychology: This department in GCU uses scientific means to solve counseling skills that is needed for different fields such as family problems, marital issues, youth issues, personal growth, education, and career path among others.

Brain Education Convergence: The Brain Education department is the newly established department, the first in Korea and it offers a four-year degree.

Sports & Health: This department trains Sports, health care, and healing specialists who are concerned about the well-being of the public.

This is achieved through intense practical and theoretical learning.

Brain-based Emotion Coaching: The department prepares students to be good counselors by impacting them with the required knowledge needed. The graduates in this department regard their major strength as learning how to deal with emotions and feelings with ease.

AI Convergence: The Department focuses on these major fields: AI convergence in business, AI convergence in policy, and AI convergence in forensics.

Convergence Contents: The department of Convergence Contents product designers who are creative and can specialize in ICT convergence, cultural art planners, and creative storytellers. All these is achieved by mixing humanities and arts with technology.

Entertainment & Media: This department trains students practically and theoretically on the art of becoming a professional artist in the cultural industry, they are being taught how to be authentic and sincere in their chosen field.

Convergence Management: The department trains students how to become a good marketer with good management skills. They are taught on the key marketing skills and strategies on how to get a new customer and how to retend already existing customers.

Oriental Studies: This department develops traditional oriental numerology experts, who are able to find solutions to life’s problems through the application of modern fields of study and traditional doctrines.


Admission at Global Cyber University are process in Korean language, the academic programmes are also delivered in Korean as well.

Global Cyber University has no language proficiency test but it is important to know how to speak and also understand Korean Language because this will aid in taking tests, exams and classes.

The admission requirements are as follows:

Admission Requirements First-Year Students

Graduated from high school
Student who has passed the high school exam
Applicant who has been legally recognized as having the educational equivalent to those listed above.

Admission Requirements Second-Year Students

Applicants that have graduated from college also recognized by the law as having the equivalent educational background.

Applicants who have completed at least two semesters of college and earned 35 credits and above are eligible to apply.

Admission Requirements Third-Year Students

Those applicants that have graduated from college also recognized by the law as having an equivalent background.

Applicants who have completed at least four semesters of college and have 70 credits and aboveĀ under the Credit Recognition Act.

Eligibility for General and Special Admissions

Students will be accepted if their circumstances meet certain criteria.

Applicants must meet the following requirements in order to be accepted.

Eligibility for Transfer Students

Credits will be accepted when the transcripts from the previous school have been submitted and reviewed.

Second-year transfer students are eligible for up to 35 credits, and third-year transfer students are eligible for up to 70 credits.

Payment of tuition fees is neccessary after applying in semester courses.

Registration is done with a set timetable.

Students can change or cancel the courses they have registered during the course correction period only.

Prospective students wishing to apply to Global Cyber University must go through the above process.


Tuition fee is KRW 166,000, with course fee of KRW 70,000 per credit.

The total course fee per semester, which is 18 credits for 6 courses, is about KRW 1,260,000.

Global Cyber University accepts payment using credit cards or wire transfers.

Global Cyber University offer scholarship program for few students.

Individual scholarships application will be sent to the scholarship committee prior to the completion of the application process.


Global Cyber University helps intending students to develop a good and professional career management skills. This institute helps students to learn through theory and practicals.

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