How To Block And Unblock People On Facebook: There are many reasons why you could be tired of posts from a particular friend on Facebook.

Check this out: you may have a friend who always posts negative news on their feed and it has gotten the other part of you.

Or you have a football fan friend who fills up your news feed with news about their favorite football clubs while you have grown tired of reading them probably because you are not a football fan yourself.

Lastly, The general election in your nation may be fast approaching and one of your Facebook friends who is a die-hard politician promotes and campaigns on Facebook on a daily basis and you feel like giving them space.

In all, if you have friend(s) whose posts you are tired of or uninterested in, you can consider blocking such person(s) rather than unfriending them. This set of people does not need to post meaningless or unacceptable posts but you may find their post uninteresting.

Facebook allows the “Blocking” feature and it is safe in that you may not want to offend the person involved and unfriending them will alert them.

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You can block a friend without their knowledge of it, and another reason why you should consider the blocking option is that you may have a change of mind after a while, or like the politician friend, the posts may stop after a period of time (election period).

Therefore, if you want to unfriend a particular person, let me tell you how blocking will donut differently.

When you unfriend someone, he/she will know that you are removing them from your list, and if you want to be friends with them again you will have to resend a request with a new friend and wait for them to accept.

But when you use the blocking option, even after changing your mind to unblock them, you can easily re-add them to your friend list while they won’t know about it.

Steps to block a friend on your Facebook

The following are easy ways to blocking a Facebook friend you don’t want to keep in touch with.

Step one:

The very first step here requires you to log into your Facebook account. After you have logged in, select the particular friend in question to load the page of the individual.

You can make the selection in two ways, first is by checking through your friend list and then tapping in the name when you locate it or making use of the search button to search for the person’s name and click it after it has been displayed.

Step two:

After you have selected the friend’s name with either of the two ways listed above, your friend’s page will load up. Just at the top right of this page, you will see a “more” button.

This button has three dots that are arranged horizontal dots up there at top of the page. Click this “three dots” button.

Step three:

After clicking the “more” button, a drop-down menu will appear from which you will see an option to block the friend. Click this block to continue.

Step four:

A new page will pop up, and you continue with the process here by clicking “Confirm” which will take you to the last step of the process.

 Step five:

This is the last step that completes the blocking of the friend.

Here, you will just click “Okay” on the page you are on. And the process is complete.

With these, you have successfully blocked the friend and this means you will not see their posts anymore, and they won’t see yours as well, they can’t send you messages anymore, and they are no more listed as your friend on Facebook.

But wait a minute, what if you mistakenly added someone else to be blocked and you only knew about it after the deed has been done?

Or you have blocked a friend for some time and you wish to change your mind again? Relax, you can unblock every blocked friend with just a few taps on your mobile device.

And here we go:

Step one:

First, click the menu button at the top part of the Facebook page.

And it will open a drop-down page titled menu.

Step two:

From the drop-down menu, scroll down until you see “Setting & Privacy”, click this and then click “Settings”. If you’re using Facebook lite, you may not see “settings and privacy”. you are likely to see “settings”, so click it.

Step three:

On the next page, click “Blocking.”

Step four:

The next page displayed will list the friends you have blocked and, this is where you pick out the one you want to restore.

Click “Unblock” beside their name.

 Step five:

From the next page click “Confirm” or “unblock” again if that’s what you see.

With that, you have successfully restored your Facebook relationship with your friend and the experience will be as if nothing has happened earlier, I mean you can now do anything with them on Facebook.

Thanks for your time.


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