How To Change Facebook Password: The Internet has made life easier and more convenient. But just as in the real world wherein everything that is advantageous we can’t do but also have disadvantages.

The internet world also comes with many cons just as we enjoy its pros. Among these disadvantages is the issue of security. Ensuring Internet security is a very important role of every internet user to help us secure our Informations online.

When it comes to breaching internet security, the most targeted websites by hackers are our social media pages. Hackers always try to get your log-in info and keep you out of your account.

And when we talk of social media sites, our Facebook accounts are not left out. In fact, it is heavily targeted as well.

This problem of being locked out is more likely to happen if you are a person that uses your account (let’s say Facebook now) on more than one device. Maybe you use other people’s devices frequently.

It is risky, even after you might have logged out.

When your Facebook account is being hacked by a third party, its effect sometimes can be equal to making life a little miserable or even more.

It can go as far as hampering your business productivity or jeopardizing your business activities if you are a professional and your account has administrative access to your Facebook business page.

To be on the safe side, you need to be proactive by changing your Facebook password whenever you suspect someone might have accessed your computer or phone.

Even when no one has evidently accessed your PC or phone, you can make it a routine to change your Facebook password regularly.

Another reason that could call for a change in your Facebook password is if you find viruses or malware on your computer. All these are to secure your account and be on the safe side.

Again, as I have briefly mentioned above, one of the surest ways to take control of the situation and control it if not putting a stop to it is by changing your password regularly.

It may not rule out the insecurity attached to the internet totally, but it will surely reduce it and give you an edge.

If you are aware that your account may be hacked by hackers and you also know there is a measure you can put in place to at least limit the risk, why then wouldn’t you consider it. That is, Changing your password regularly at intervals.

Another plus is that getting this done is very simple, easy, stress-free, and faster than you could imagine.

With just a few taps, you’ll be done with it.

Without much ado, let’s quickly delve into the nitty-gritty of the topic.

How To Change Facebook Password

Steps to take in changing your Facebook password includes:

Step one:

The very first step is to visit the Facebook website in a web browser and log into your account. After logging in, carefully observe a downward-facing arrow right corner of your screen. Click on this arrow and a dropdown menu will show up.

Step two:

From the dropdown menu that shows up after step one, locate “Settings & Privacy”  and click it, after that, a new page will load, click “Settings,”  from this page and you will be taken to a General Account Settings page.

Step three:

In this new page that has loaded,

Check the left side of the screen and you will see the “Security and login” option. Click this to continue with the password reset process.

Step four:

On clicking the “security and login” button you will be taken to another page from which you are to scroll down till you get to the “Login” section.

Select this and go to the “Change password” option then click “Edit”.

Step five:

You will be required to type in your current password, and also to enter a new password you would like to use. You will reenter this for confirmation. So you will enter the new password twice.

(Know that when you choose a longer password, a combination of alphabets, numbers, and symbols will help to secure your account more tightly).

Step six:

This final step is where you put a lid on what you’ve been doing by Clicking “Save Changes”.

And that way your new password has become active and can be used to access your Facebook account.

It is advisable to keep records of your password, especially whenever you change it to avoid mixing it up with old passwords.

This you can achieve using password managers or penning it down in a safe place. Probably your diary.

Don’t be caught off guard, you have learned about this today. So you don’t need to wait till it happens to you before you guide against “had I known”.

A hacked account can be frustrating.

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