How To Deactivate Your Facebook Account

Spending too much time on Facebook can get you bored and you might just be looking for a way to stay off the social media. I’ve got good news for you as you can deactivate your account on Facebook. This will keep you off every Facebook activities till you wish to rejoin and continue from where you have stopped.

Giving yourself the required break from Facebook is easy and straightforward. And it can be undone if there is a change of mind.

What does it mean to deactivate your Facebook account?

Deactivating your Facebook account means temporarily shutting it down.

An account you deactivate will be put in a “sleep mode” for a period of time depending on your desired duration.

Does deactivating your account means deleting the account?

Deactivation of account and deleting of account on Facebook are two different things that comes with different results.

While the deactivation of your account will make it kind of dormant till you reactivate it, deleting your account will permanently remove it and you will never have access to the account again.

Simply put, when you deactivate, you can reactivate later. But when you delete, you have lost the account forever.

What happens when your account is deactivated?

When you deactivate your account, it will bring some changes to the visibility of your account and also the interaction with it. Deactivation will give you the following outcomes:

  • Your account will no longer be visible to the public.
  • No one will be able to search for you with your username.
  • You friends will not be able to view your profile
  • You will still have access to the account.
  • No one will be able to send you messages via the Facebook app or webpage.
  • Your name, posts and comments in any group you belong to will be visible only to the admins of these groups.
  • If you use messenger, you will still be able to use messenger.

How long can you deactivate your account?

Deactivating your Facebook account can be likened to going on a vacation while you lock the access to your house. You can keep it locked for as long as you wish and you can regain your access whenever you are back. So when you deactivate your account, there is no actual limit to how long it can be deactivated for.

But it is advisable to keep your login details safe in case you’re done with the break soon.

Or at least, you should have access to the mobile number and/or email registered with the account.

This will help you access your account back even when you forget the password for login.

How to deactivate you account on mobile app?

The steps to deactivate your Facebook account are as follows:

  • Log in to your account.
  • Click on the white triangular arrow at the top right of your mobile app page.
  • Select “Setting” from the drop-down list of options.
  • From the setting page, choose manage account.
  • Click on the “deactivate your account” button.
  • A new page will pop up and you’ll be asked to enter a reason for deactivating your account. Choose a reason or add reasons to the box provided.
  • Click deactivate and wait for the next page.
  • On the new page select deactivate now.
  • And automatically, your account will be disabled and hidden on the Facebook platform.

 How can you deactivate your Facebook account on the web page?

Deactivating your account on the web is just a little different from doing same on the mobile app.

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • From the web page, select the menu button at the top right of the page.
  • From the loaded page, click settings.
  • On the next page, scroll down and click Account Ownership and Control. you will see this option below Your Facebook Information which is the fourth section on the settings page.
  • Then select Deactivation and Deletion.
  • From the next page, Select Deactivate Account and tap Continue to Account Deactivation.
  • Enter your password on the next page for verification and
  • Follow the instructions to confirm.


Again, deactivating your Facebook account is temporary while deleting the account is permanent.

Remember that when you Deactivate your account, you will need to reactivate it to be visible again.

And after this, your Facebook experience will continue as before.

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