How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently


How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently: Different people from different parts of the world consider the option of deleting their Facebook accounts permanently for several personal or general reasons.

A few could be as a result of a breach in privacy by a third party or some other personal reasons best known to them.

But no matter what the cause maybe, if you are thinking of getting rid of your Facebook account totally, I want to tell you it is possible and it is with ease.

First, let me announce to you that other than deleting your Facebook account permanently, there is an option to deactivate it.

These two serve different purposes, and understanding each in-depth will guide you against making a mistake or making a wrong move.

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Deactivating vs Deleting your Facebook account.

With regards to what your reason for wanting a disengagement with Facebook is, you can choose to deactivate your account.

Also, you can choose to fully remove it from existence (I.e delete it permanently).

While deactivating your account will still keep your data safe on the Facebook platform, a permanent delete will erase all the data completely.

To further stress the difference between deactivating and Deleting permanently, the following is what your experience will be in either case.

How To Know When Your Account Has Been Successfully Deactivated

When you deactivate your Facebook account the following will happen:

  1. None of your existing friends will be able to view your profile anymore. The sole access to the account will be yours alone.
  2. Some specific informations will remain visible and accessible for you. An example of such information is sent messages.
  3. As aforementioned, none of your friends will be able to access your profile, but Your name will still show on their list of friends. And it will show only for people who are your friends.
  4. If you belong to any group before, Your name, your posts, and your comments on these groups will be visible to the admins of those groups you belong to.
  5. If you have been using messenger before, you will know it does not totally depend on the Facebook mobile. So when you deactivate your Facebook account, you will still be able to use Messenger.

You can leave your deactivated account for as long as you wish, but if you need to get it back you will be required to go through a reactivation process.

How To Know When Your Account Has Been Successfully Deleted

On the other side of our discourse, When you delete your Facebook account the following will happen:

  1. Deleting your account makes you lose the account totally and it can not be reactivated.
  2. You will lose every content you have uploaded on Facebook forever. None of your Facebook content will be accessible, but you may have it backed up before deleting it to give you access to some important content you may be in need of.
  3. You won’t be able to access Other Apps and websites that use information from your Facebook account via Facebook Login anymore.
  4. Your friends will still have some specific informations like the messages you have sent to them earlier. These messages will not be fully deleted from their account.
  5. Remember I said messenger does not totally depend on Facebook mobile, but of course it uses pieces of information from Facebook and if you have erased these informations, what do you have left? It means you won’t be able to use Messenger anymore.

By now you should have been able to decide on which action to take with your Facebook account, either temporarily deactivating it or deleting permanently it. But if you would still like to delete your account by the way, then you can follow the given steps and guidelines below:

  1. From your homepage, Select the Facebook menu button.
  2. Select settings to take you to your Facebook settings page. An alternative way to do step 1 & 2 is to click the arrow at the top right of the Facebook homepage and access your settings from there:
  3. A drop-down page will pop up showing the list of Settings you can perform. Click on Your Facebook Information.
  4. Select Delete Your Account and Information from the next info you’ll see.
  5. A new page will appear, and on the page, you will have options to deactivate your account or to download your information.

Have fun!

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