How To Download And Install Facebook Game Room


How To Download And Install Facebook Game Room: Facebook is an online application where we chat with new friends and reconnect with old ones.

We also upload pictures and videos of ourselves to engage our friends and keep boredom at length. Have you imagined doing a lot more than just chat, pictures upload, comments, and likes on your Facebook account?

Have you thought of a more fun thing to do with yourself and your friends? If no. Have you heard of Facebook Game Room? It is a platform where Facebook users get to catch fun and entertain themselves by playing games.

It is just like every other gaming platform where you get to play various online games without leaving your comfort zone. With Facebook Game Room you can get to:

• Play games with your Facebook friends instantly
• Join group games – Gamers connect with one another by joining game groups. There are a lot of game groups and new ones are constantly created.
• watch how games are been played by the gamers. This is where streamers call home. They also get to discover new videos from the esports and gaming’s top publishers.

Facebook Game Room functions as an online application available mainly for PC users running Windows 7 and above. All you have to do is to download, install and search for your desired games(s). You can also share games with your friends.

It provides users with the opportunity to play games without actually logging out of Facebook. Within the new Facebook Gameroom, players can experience both web games and also native games built for the platform.

Facebook game room is free to download and has a lot of game categories but a lot of people still find it difficult to download and use Facebook Game Room but do not worry because In this article I will be informing you on the steps to download Facebook Game Room.

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Below are the steps to follow
√ Visit the Facebook game room portal on your computer.

√ Click on the “download” icon or “free install” icon
√ After your download is completed, installation starts. Facebook Game room install takes place automatically.

√ Once the installation is completed, you have to login through your Facebook account to get started.
For individuals who do not have a Facebook account, you will have to open one. Just Click on Facebook Sign up. The app lets you create one easily.

After the download and installation are completed, you are set to play the game. You will see a collection of many interesting games when you open the main page of your Facebook game room. To access your games click on the “my games” option to get started.

You can also download new games. Just choose your game(s) of interest. A page requesting for your access to your profile will pop on your screen, fill in your details. After the process is done click on continue to download your game(s).

There are a lot of games present on this game platform. Users get to experience and enjoy both web games and native games. It also keeps users and game developers updated on the current and latest games available. Here are some examples of games you can find on Facebook game room;

• Farmville • Candy crush saga • Dragon city • Criminal chase • Ball pool • Texas Holdem Poker
• Angry birds friends • Motorbike • Pet Rescue saga • Pet society • Yoworld • House of fun • Clash of clans • Throne rush • Hidden crimes • Asphalt and a lot more.


√ It is free to download
√ Contains many interesting and the best games both web and local games
√ Update users about new games or the latest games available
√ It is easy and simple to use
√ Save time by not opening the browser.
√ Enables you to play games with Facebook friends
√ Connect you to thousands of other users
√ Create desktop shortcuts to favorite games.
√ Almost all games are free to play.
√ Contains more advanced games

Disadvantages of Facebook game room

√ One of the major disheartening disadvantages is that the Facebook game room is not available for android, Mac, and iOS users.
√ Only works on computer running window 7 and above

Facebook constantly add new varieties of entertaining and fun thing just to keep its users engaged and happy. If you are a game lover just like me, you will be definitely missing out if you do not check out the game room.

This platform is great and enticing. It brings a lot of different games to your computer screen. I am very sure you do not want to miss out on this fun, take your device now and follow the steps above to download and install Facebook game room, after which you can have great fun!

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