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How To Pass ICAN Exams In The First Sitting

This is a detailed guide on how to pass ICAN exams in the first sitting, I hope it helps you pass your exams.

Some people drench in fear when they want to write the ICAN examination because of the circulated rumor that the ICAN examination is very difficult and people seldom pass it in the first sitting.

Contrary to the circulated opinion, the ICAN examination is very easy to pass if you follow the right method of study.

You can only fail the ICAN exams if you read haphazardly. People who carry out a proper research, and study the recommended textbooks do not know what it means to fail the ICAN examination.

However, by reading this article on how to pass ICAN exams in the first sitting and putting into practice everything mentioned here, you will have no choice but to pass the ICAN exams in the first sitting.

What Is ICAN

ICAN is an acronym for the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, it is a professional accountancy body in Nigeria with regulatory authority versed with the responsibility of training accountants.

The ICAN program is not only for accounting majors but also for those who want to switch careers to accounting.

For accounting graduates, the ICAN program can last for one year, but for non-accounting graduates, it can last for one year and six months.

However, the ICAN examination is of high value because it authorizes accountants to work in any accounting firm and financial institution in Nigeria.

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How To Pass ICAN Exams In The First Sitting

Adequate preparation precedes success in everything you do including studying, nobody just wakes up to pass exams, you must make some sacrifices by depriving yourself of certain pleasures just to study.

However, nobody who studies effectively will ever fail ICAN, there is nothing wrong with you and nobody is charming you, your poor studying habit is the only obstacle hindering you from passing your ICAN exams in the first sitting.

However, if you want to pass ICAN exams in the first sitting, below are the tips on how to pass the ICAN exams in the first sitting.

1. Start Early To Study

Studying for exams is different from reading for pleasure, studying for exams requires intense reading that cannot be achieved in one day.

Many ICAN examination candidates fail the exam because of procrastination and laziness. Procrastination kills success and birth failure, and you must avoid it at all costs if you want to pass ICAN exams in the first sitting.

However, regardless of how intelligent you are, if you fail to prepare for ICAN exams early, you will fail woefully because the examination requires you to read voluminous materials that you cannot complete in a day.

If you want to pass ICAN exams in one sitting, make sure you get your study materials or study pack early enough and purchase the recommended textbooks and past questions on time.

However, If you registered for classes at an ICAN center, do not wait for lectures to commence before you start studying privately. It is good to know the courses before lectures begin, and do not assume you know everything already.

2. Be Focus

ICAN examination is not free, and when you fail the exams. you would be asked to resit the examination which is not going to be free, so you have to be committed and focused.

ICAN exams syllabus is wide and many candidates complain about it which also contributes to their lack of enthusiasm for studying thereby making them fail the exams.

Another thing that hinders people from passing the ICAN exam in one sitting is the faulty educational background of some candidates.

Some of them are not conversant with mathematics and statistics and so the presence of too many maths-related topics scares them.

However, you cannot become a competent and world-class accountant if you run away from mathematics, so, if you do not know the subject, employ someone to teach you.

Finally, it is important to remain focused and be diligent, do not let the size of the syllabus discourage you if you want to pass ICAN exams in one sitting.

3. Study The Right Materials

Why many ICAN exam candidates fail woefully is because they studied the wrong materials for the examination.

It is very important to get the right study pack or ask those who have taken the exam before to provide you with the right materials to study for the exam.

It is also important to use the examination syllabus as your guide, so you do not study what you are not expected to study.

When you get the right study pack, read the materials thoroughly, and do not try to cram anything, internalize everything, and let all you read become part of you.

However, read everything, do not skip any chapter or assume it will not appear in the test, this assumption is bad, if you want to pass ICAN exams in one sitting, avoid it.

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4. Prepare A Study Time Table

The study timetable is very good, it will help you study your materials evenly. Without a study timetable, you can devote all your time reading just one material and rushing over others at the last minute.

The truth is, without the study time timetable, you can focus on the difficult part which is always calculations to some people, and forget about the other part you feel is easy to cram.

When you draft your timetable, make sure you insert the time that will be favorable to you, so you do not miss your study time.

Moreover, the study timetable will help you not to procrastinate.

5. Study The Past Questions

If you want to pass the ICAN exams in the first sitting, you must thoroughly study the past questions.

Past questions will help you get familiarized with the type of questions asked and how to answer them,  It will also guide you when you study.

Past questions will help you understand the structure of the exam questions and how to answer them.

It will reveal the different types of questions involved and how much time is needed to answer each question.

However, past questions usually come with answers, and these answers are given by those who have written the ICAN exams before, the structure of the answers will help you know what the examiners expect from you, and how to answer questions when writing the exams yourself.

Moreover, when you get the past questions, it is important you attempt to answer the questions after studying and also time yourself using the prescribed time for the exams to examine how fast and time conscious you would be on the day of exams.

The secret of keeping to time in the exams hall is by not wasting time on one question, if you do not know the answer to a particular question, answer other questions, and when you are done, you can come back to ponder on the one you did not know.

However, if you have registered for ICAN exams, you can get ICAN exams past questions on  ICAN Pathfinder

6. Get Enough Sleep A Day To The Exam

After studying all the time for the ICAN exams, it is pertinent to get enough sleep the night before the exams to wade off stress and be strong physically and emotionally.

With enough sleep, you would arrive at the exam hall energized and well relaxed for the exams.

Do not make the mistake of staying late at night or waking up early in the morning after a few hours’ sleep to do some last-minute studying; it is wrong.

You might break down completely and not be able to write the exams, or you might forget everything you read because of the stress you would put your brain through.

6. Be calm

It is very important to be calm on the day of the exams because panic and nervousness would simply make you forget everything you studied.

Be positive about the exams, let your mind conceive positive thoughts and not negative ones. Moreover, it is important to arrive at the exam venue very early and get used to the environment.

Take enough rest, pray, or meditate before the exam to ease your nerves.

8. Start with Multiple-choice questions.

It is important to start your exams with multiple-choice questions because multiple-choice questions are generally easy to answer.

Also, multiple-choice questions would also give you tips on how to answer the theoretical part of the exam questions.

However, never waste too much time here, if you do not know the answer to a particular question, tick anything and move on to the other questions so you do not spend the whole day answering only a few questions.

9. Answer all the Questions

Endeavor to answer all the questions you are mandated to answer. You would be required to answer a certain number of questions from each section of the examination.

However, there won’t be any subtraction of marks for bad answers. So you have nothing to lose.

However, many experts affirm that a fair score in multiple-choice questions; a fair score in the short answer section; and a fair score in two theory questions would be enough to pass your ICAN exams.

However, if you read and prepared adequately, you would not have any reason not to answer everything according to the instructions.

Even though the questions are tough, you would still have something to write because you prepared adequately for it.

That’s all on how to pass ICAN exams in one sitting, I hope it helps you pass yours.

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