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How To Play And Win Bet9ja Everyday In 2021

Do you wish to learn how to play and win Bet9ja everyday? Then this article will help.

In sports, betting means making predictions ahead of matchday games and events by placing some sum of money at risk so that you might win when the outcome favors your earlier prediction.

Bet9ja is a betting company that gives you the opportunity to bet and predict the outcomes of sporting events and activities and win cash in return.

Bet9ja is the most popular betting website in Nigeria. You could use bet9ja if you are a fan of the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, and other soccer leagues.

Apart from soccer, fans of the online casino, virtual and racing products, and other sports have equal opportunities of benefitting from betting on bet9ja.

Bet9ja offers reliable, secure deposit and payment methods and they also guarantee payout of all winning bets.

In addition, bet9ja includes the integration of sophisticated livescore and statistic widgets and this makes checking the progress of your bets more convenient.

In this article, I will show you how to play bet9ja for beginners, and how to win bet9ja everyday.

8 Sure Tips To Win Bet9ja Always

Many players on bet9ja have wasted and are still wasting their money, and have now believed that one can only win by luck.

True to their many testimonies like, “I could have won but only one game spoilt my ticket,” it sounds probable that winning on bet9ja rests on luck.

But I want to tell you that this winning consistently on bet9ja is not by chance. It happens by being intentional, and the following tips are just what you need to get it done the right way and bring your losses to the minimum.

In this section, I will show you some Bet9ja winning tips that are sure to guide you to win bet9ja everyday.

1. Read up statistics

There is a statistics section on the official website of bet9ja which you can take advantage of in staking your predictions.

Statistics like head to head, previous match, formation, and other details are readily available for your judgment and predictions, that will help you win bet9ja today.

2. Do Not Always Bet On Your Favourite Team

One of the easy ways to lose money while betting on bet9ja is always giving your favorite team a straight win.

Many times, a fan of a certain club will always want their club to win and this emotional attachment beclouds their judgment and would burst their tickets.

As a result of your passion for your favorite team, you can hardly imagine them playing a draw with another team, and even be mad at the thought that they would lose.

Let’s assume you are a fan of Manchester United, because of your love for your team, if you were to analyze or place a bet on a game involving Manchester United and any other club, almost all the time, you will surely give Manchester United straight winning without minding who their opponents are.

You are likely to be more sentimental about their recent form, their performances at home or away, and many other things that should factor into your judgment.

To avoid this problem, it is better to just watch and enjoy your favorite teams playing and not betting on them always.

3. Don’t Be Greedy

Greed is one of the things that have made a lot of persons lose huge money on Bet9ja.

It is very unrealistic to win ₦50,000000 Naira with a stake of ₦100 on Bet9ja. This might happen but can never happen consistently.

In fact, the chance of having such an experience is extremely slim. It is better to win ₦50 on bet9ja than to lose ₦500 to them.

So this mentality will guide you to not be too greedy and keep your Staking within a realistic range.

Hence, it is better to target games that have a high priority of winning. The consistency is what you need to scale through and become a massive earner on bet9ja.

4. Be An Expert

Choosing to be an expert in a particular league (talking of soccer now) will up your chances of success with betting.

A lot of people place stakes on matches from different leagues at a time. But focusing on a specific league either the Spanish La Liga for example, or the German Bundesliga will give you a more deep insight into the ups and downs in the league.

And you definitely will predict more accurately than when you switch between leagues.

Interestingly, there are many events you can predict in a single league, number of goals or assist by a single player, and many more.

5. Bet On Home

Many times, betting in favor of the home side is more advisable than pitching your tent with the away side.

This is a tip you should keep in mind if you intend to play Bet9ja and win everyday.

Use Other Pointers

Many people place their bet only on wins, draws, or losses. Whereas, there are over 70 different pointers that bet9ja offers.

You shouldn’t let your focus be only on home win, double chance win, and the likes. There are several other Pointers you can try out.

A few examples are:

  • Number of cards (red or yellow).
  • The first team to score.
  • Draw no bet.
  • Win either half.

Highest scoring half, to mention but a few.

With these pointers, you can surely be winning bet9ja everyday. These pointers even offer more odds and you need to start looking into it.

7. Don’t rely on prediction sites.

Some prediction sites have been caught changing their predictions after they might have posted them earlier.

This could also mean that these sites do produce inaccurate predictions and relying on them could lead you to failure.

Instead, you can use their predictions as a guide while you carry out your own study. Using their predictions as merely a guide while carrying out your own research, will help you win bet9ja always.

8. Get a mentor

Another tip to win Bet9ja everyday is getting a reliable mentor.

One of the purposes of having mentors is to learn from people who have passed through the path you are either threading or about to thread and avoid the mistakes they made or prepare ahead for the difficulties that are likely to show up.

Such is the role of mentors in betting. Many successful beneficiaries of sports betting reveal that they have friends that help them in the prediction of the games.

A reliable partner or a mentor will see through what is dark to you, and bring it to your attention. Listening to them could set you on the road to becoming the next big bet9ja winner.

Those are the 8 sure tips to guarantee you win Bet9ja always.

I hope this article on how to play and win bet9ja everyday helps?

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