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With the numerous online and offline activities people go through on a daily basis in this age, saving up information off-hand could sometimes prove tedious and demanding.

For this reason, people forget little details that could require a little amount of their attention, one example of these details is the Facebook password.

It is pretty easy to forget your Facebook password if it is not what you type in often and especially if you don’t use a password manager.

Take, for example, if you use your Facebook only on your personal device on which you have already logged on, you need not login again when you want to use it and you may use Facebook that way for months or even years without needing to type your password.

If there now arises a need to log in on a new device, probably because you changed your device or you need to access your account with a non-regular device, you will definitely need your password which you could have forgotten in this case.

So if, this is your narrative or you have the same case although a different narrative, you could still retrieve your password by following some reset steps.

Why Should I Reset My Facebook Password?

If you are wondering why should you reset your password, Facebook does not know your password and once you can’t remember it yourself the password is gone forever leaving you with an option to get back into your Facebook account but with a different password. Hence, a reset process is required.

Although if you are logged out of your account and you would like to log in again to your account using a device that has recently been used to access your account, it is likely that Facebook may be able to save the day of login and present to you your Recent Logins.

If your account profile is listed, select it to log in to your account automatically. But this does not reset your password. It only helps you to log in again and you would still need a reset to have your password back.

You can request a password reset either via the Facebook web or via the Facebook mobile app. Each of these will result in the same output, though they have a little difference in the steps.

How To set Back A Lost Facebook Password

The following steps will help you reset your password on Facebook web.

1. Attempt to log in: From your browser, attempt logging into the account, and you will receive an incorrect login details prompt.

Form this page you would see a “forgot password” button below the spaces provided for your log-in details. Click the forgot password and wait for the page to load up.

2. Provide your correct personal details: The newly loaded page will require you to enter either your email address, phone number, your full name, or your username to enable the app to find your account. Then, select Search.

Facebook gives the opportunity to search by your name in this field, (which you can not forget) provided you can’t recall the email address you used when registering your Facebook account.

3.  Choose how you wish to receive your password reset code: The next step may vary depending on the information you provided in the previous step. If;

  1. You entered an email address or phone number in the step above, provided your entered email or phone number is correct, Facebook will find a match and you will select how you want to receive your password reset code that will be sent to you. After this, select Continue.
  2. If you entered your name in the search field instead, Facebook does an optimization and shows you the result of names that match your search.

You are likely to see your picture from the names provided, Select “this is my account” to proceed to the next stage. If not, select “I am Not in This List”.

4. Recieve your password reset code: After selecting your account from the step above, the next step is to make a choice of how the reset code should be sent to you.

Then select continue. But if your selection in step 3 is “not in the list”, Facebook will ask for the name of your friend to identify your account.

5. Reset your password: After you have found your account and have selected a method through which you wish to receive the reset code (either through SMS, phone call, or email) enter the security code sent to you in the space provided in the new page and select Continue.

Note that if you found your account but have no access to the phone number and email you used when creating the account, then Facebook can not carry out their identity verification on you.

If you have entered the reset code and continued from there, the next page will ask you to enter a new password you wish to use and select Continue.

And now you have a new password. It will be of utmost advantage if you can keep the new password recorded in a place to avoid a reoccurrence. Password managers will help or a handwritten record in a safe place with you.

Trust this was helpful.

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