Score 300 And Above In JAMB

How To Score 300 and Above in JAMB

This post contains a detailed guide on how to score 300 and above in JAMB.

One of the worst nightmares of Jamb candidates is the failure to meet up with the cut-off marks of their respective institutions.

This is even more paramount in most years, and it might persist going into the coming years.

While this difficulty in getting good grades is a fact, a few students have excelled in the examination year after year, scoring as high as 300 and more of the total 400.

This points to a fact that it is not impossible to score high in JAMB, you only need to apply some strategies to scale through and stay up above the majority.

I know you would have heard about these candidates that have been able to score high in JAMB and might have wondered how easy or possible it is to attain such feat of scoring 300 and above.

You just might be oblivious of the right steps to take in preparing for these exams and I will be sharing the detailed steps with you in this post.

This is really great news for you if you are looking for a way to write the JAMB exam just this once and pass excellently.

So what exactly will I share with you in this post?

I will show you how you can score high in JAMB. This article will help you to get up to 350 in JAMB.

Your admission is just next in line if you can keep to the tips I will be sharing with you in this post.

I don’t want to get ahead of myself in any way, but I want to assure you that you will learn how to score 300 and above in JAMB in this post.

How To Score 300 And Above In JAMB

I am not a part of illegal activities of which examination malpractice is one. Exams are very important, hence, I would not be showing how to buy marks or cheat the board’s system to acquire or manufacture marks.

Instead, I will be showing you how to legally maximize your potential and resources to get the best out of your time, strength, and knowledge.

This post contains JAMB secrets to score high in the examination.

1. Have A Plan

If you watch the most successful men in life across every field closely, you will realize that these men most usually have planned before taking real steps in life.

These plans usually serve as their map toward achieving whatever their goals are.

This is a very important virtue that should not be overlooked if you want to achieve success with anything either academically or otherwise.

However, if you want to achieve real success in your JAMB examination, the first approach is to have a good plan on how to start and finish the JAMB examination.
You will need to keep your desired score in mind and make a plan that can help you attain that height.

In your planning, the first point of action is to know the right JAMB subject combination for your desired course of study.

This is important because your high score will not be useful if your JAMB subject combination is not the required combination for your desired course of study.

If you have found the right subject combination for your course, one more thing to include is to make a list of the topics in each subject.

You can make use of the JAMB syllabus to get an easy headway. Make sure you point out every topic and subtopic as outlined in the JAMB syllabus.

2. Study Past Questions

Western education has been in Nigeria for many years now and most examination bodies including do not have the capacity to set totally new questions for various examinations anymore.

An in-depth study of the structure of JAMB questions year in and year out has revealed that the board usually brings up old past questions in recent examinations.

While they may not entirely repeat all questions in a particular year for another year, the questions are picked randomly over many years.

Therefore, one of the best ways to stay ahead in the game is to get the full past questions on the four courses you’ll be writing.

Past questions can be bought from bookshops and stores but that is not the end. You need to study these questions thoroughly.

Sometimes, if you study past questions well, you will easily recall their answers when they come up in your own exam without any difficulty.

You will need to be determined and not lose grip because it may be tasking to study the past questions because it is worth the effort.

Past questions are more useful when you study them after you have completed your course outline as it is in the JAMB syllabus.

It will help you to know how questions are being set and how to tackle them.

In addition, there is a high possibility that those questions will be repeated for you if you study thoroughly, not just by going through questions for 2 years.

3. Develop A Personal Time Table

This should be part of the plan in the first step above, but I will like to hammer on it again because of how important it is.
The timetable helps you to manage your time and to stay disciplined.

Although as important as this is, it is easily overlooked.

Therefore, it is not enough to create a timetable if you won’t adhere to it. You need to strictly follow the timing as you have created in your personal timetable.

Create your own timetable by yourself, making use of your most convenient periods of each day.

4. Set A Goal

One of the important tips on how to score 300 and above in JAMB is to set a goal.

By setting a goal, you will be setting a focus for yourself and you will also be making a guide for yourself to keep you on track towards achieving your purpose of scoring 300 and above.

An example of a short-term goal is being determined to study a minimum of two chapters of a subject daily.

If you are able to keep to this without procrastination, it will help you to cover most parts of the JAMB syllabus if not all.

One important thing to take note of when setting your goals is that there will be distractions as time goes on. But, you must determine strongly that as long as you wake up daily, it is taboo if you fail to reach your goal for that day.

5. Start Early

Here I’ll be ringing the bell more on procrastination.

You should not procrastinate your reading. It is very important for you to start studying as early as possible.

Students are fond of delaying studying till a later time with the excuse that there is still more than enough time.

But, trust me, one important tip to score 300 and above in JAMB is to start the study early. In fact, you may start reading ahead even before the registration begins.

If you are already close to the exam by now, then now next the earliest time to start.

6. Relaxation Time

It has been observed that students sometimes get themselves too overwhelmed with their study.

While this act is advantageous to completing your syllabus and achieving your goals, it is also not too good for your health as a student.

Keeping your brain pressured without enough breaks may lead to a mental breakdown which is worse.

Therefore, one of the important tips on how to score 300 and above in JAMB is to set relaxation time for you.

You can engage in relaxation activities like watching movies, hanging out, listening to music, or playing video games during this time.

This should not take too much of your time. About 30 minutes should do you some good already.

7. Night Rest

Another tip that can help you is to make sure you rest at night.

Since you have a set timetable for study, you can achieve a lot with that. Thereby, creating enough rest time for you at night.

I’m not advising you not to read at night because it is an attribute you will need to succeed as a student.

So what am I insinuating?

My point is that you should not read through the night every day.

Take some hours of the night to sleep either before you read or after you have read.

8. Have A Study Group

One of the tips to score high in the JAMB examination is to have a study group.

When you have a team of intelligent and hardworking students in your study group, it will boost your study speed and also help you to assimilate fast.

The importance of having a study group of like-minded persons can never be overemphasized.

However, when choosing a study group, be careful of being amidst people that do not have your kind of goal. This can draw you back instead of speeding you up.

When you have like-minded people in your study group, you will be able to set out time during the study time to reflect on what you have learned, ask questions to test one another, and help solidify the knowledge acquired.

This will be after each of you must have studied independently and silently for some minutes.

9. Get CBT Training

Since the JAMB exam is now fully a computer-based test, it will be of advantage for you if you are proficient in taking the CBT examination, especially if you are not used to taking such type of exam before.

That is all on how to score 300 and above in JAMB.

Hope this was helpful?

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