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How To Score High In Jamb 2022

This is a detailed guide on how to score high in Jamb.

The Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) is an examination board in Nigeria that administers entrance examinations for people who desire to be admitted into universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education.

This examination is conducted every year to select candidates who would be fit to study in the Nigerian higher institutions.

The number of applicants for this examination keeps increasing every year because people who failed the previous years keep registering again and again.

Jamb examination is very competitive and you need to be thoroughly prepared for it if you want to write it only once.

However, this article on how to score high in JAMB will guide you on how to perfectly prepare and pass Jamb in one sitting.

How To Score High In JAMB

There are numerous reasons why you need to score high in JAMB. Scoring high in JAMB will give you a better chance of studying the course of your choice at the university.

There are different cut-offs mark for every course in the university and if you cannot meet the score for your desired course, you either register for a change of course or register to write JAMB again.

However, the same applies to tertiary institutions, there are different cut-off marks for universities, polytechnics, and colleges of Education, so if you desire to be admitted into the university, you need to study to show yourself approved.

However, below are the steps to take to score high in JAMB.

1. Be Confident

There is nothing wrong with having the confidence that you are going to pass your exams.

Confidence brings about the right set of mind and will help you study diligently for the exams no matter how competitive it is.

Low self-esteem makes you a failure before you actually fail, do not look at the caliber of people that have applied to write JAMB or compare your school with theirs or yourself with them, focus on yourself and the goal you need to achieve which is scoring high in Jamb.

Wake up every day believing you are a winner, disregard negative talks about JAMB, and recite your purpose.

However, if you have written and failed JAMB before, do not dwell on your past result, be positive, have a change of mindset, believe you can make a difference, and see how you will come out victoriously.

2. Set Your Target JAMB Score

It is not just enough to be confident, you need to set your target jamb score and work towards achieving it.

Know the cut-off mark for the course you are applying for and the institution you want to be admitted into, and then work towards scoring higher than the designated mark.

However, by setting your cut-off mark, you will know how much time you need to invest in reading and the reading method to adopt because the reading method you adopt when studying for less important exams is different from the one you are studying for an important exam.

JAMB is a very important examination, it is the bedrock of your career and you can’t afford to fail it repeatedly.

3. Get the JAMB Syllabus

JAMB syllabus is very important when studying for your examination, it outlines all the topics you need to study for the examination and there is no how you won’t score high in JAMB if you follow it diligently.

JAMB syllabus is an exams planning tool and it helps you study for exams the right way. The syllabus is not hard to find, once you register for JAMB, you would be given the syllabus at the registration center.

Most people disregard the syllabus because the topics are numerous and scary to the eyes, but they forget that when you are determined to do something, you put away fear and set to work because fear births laziness, and laziness leads to failure.

4. Prepare A Study Time Table

After getting the JAMB syllabus, proceed to prepare a study timetable that will guide you in your study journey.

Without a study timetable, there would be a tendency of studying one subject more than the others.

However, a study timetable helps you make good use of your study time, know the amount of time to spend on each of the subjects, and track your success.

5. Start Studying Early

Early preparation might give your desired result if you are true to yourself. Procrastination is the killer of time and destiny, do not allow it to have a full grasp on you if you want to score high in Jamb.

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Many JAMB applicants fail the exams because they do not believe in early preparation, why would they waste their precious time studying for what they can read overnight.

The mindset that the JAMB examination is very simple has made a lot of people fail the exams, no examination is simple, and the amount of time you put into studying for exams makes it look simple when you pass it.

The earlier you shun procrastination and avoid the shortcut, the better for you because there is no shortcut to passing examinations.

6. Study The Right Way

You do not just study for exams, there are right approaches you need to take when studying for important exams like the JAMB examination.

Some people read haphazardly to fulfill all righteousness while others read ignorantly without noting what they have read.

Reading is a difficult activity to engage in, especially when reading for exams, you need to follow the right approach to hit the nail on the head.

Make sure you have your notepad and past question papers with you when studying. On your notepad, jot every important point you feel might come up in the exams and every topic you might want to read again.

Also, endeavor to always try to recall what you’ve read by reciting them by either closing your eyes or covering the book.

At some point, you need to read aloud, especially in some sections you do not understand, reading aloud might help you understand better.

However, do not fail to use JAMB past question papers, they will help you assess yourself to know if you are getting what you are reading.

To score high in Jamb, always pause at some point to attempt the questions on the past question papers to know if you are on point.

7. Use JAMB Recommended Textbook

It is important to use the JAMB recommended textbooks when studying for the JAMB examination because the questions they will ask might come from the textbooks.

Moreover, avoid reading keypoint for the JAMB examination, key points will limit your understanding of many things and you will end up being stranded in the exams hall.

It is true that most people that fail JAMB used the wrong textbook or key point to study for the exams.

8. Identify Your Weak Point

Do not study blindly when preparing for the JAMB examination, make sure you identify those areas you are not conversant with and study them continuously to gain a better understanding.

However, if you find it difficult to still understand some subjects, you can get a professional tutor in that area to teach you.

Employing a tutor will enable you to learn faster and also know many things that will help you score high in Jamb.

9. Eat Healthily

It is one thing to study for exams, and it is another thing to eat healthily.

When you focus so much on studying without taking care of yourself, you will end up becoming sick or break down on the day of the examination.

Not eating healthily has contributed to a lot of people failing their examinations or not getting a high score in JAMB exams.

People are able to learn better when they are well-nourished, and eating healthily improves memory and alertness, and keeps the mind sharp.

Eating unhealthily when studying can negatively affect learning, memory, cognition, and concentration.

10. Have Enough Rest

Rest is very essential when studying for the Jamb examination. Taking some rest while studying can keep you focused, and energized, refresh your mind and improve creativity.

Rest also reduces stress and improves your physical and mental health. It also reduces inflammation and the risk of heart disease.

However, rest can effectively boost your performance and creativity and make you score very high in Jamb.

Many people become sick on exams day or even faint because of the stress of studying and that will prevent them from writing the exams effectively.

11. Visit Your Exams Center

It is good to visit your exams center a day before your exams especially if you did not know the place before to avoid stress and anxiety on the main day of exams.

Know everything you need for the exams and pack them into the bag you are carrying for the exams a day before the exams to avoid confusion.

However, on the examination day, it is advisable to go early to prevent a late hour rush and also settle down to rest before the exams commence.

12. Take Time To Answer Your Questions

This is where many people make mistakes and score low in JAMB.

To score high in Jamb, do not rush to answer any question, make sure you read and understand each of the questions before you attempt to answer it.

However, do not skip any question, if you do not know the answer to a particular question, choose anything instead of skipping it because you might forget to come back and answer it.

Do not forget to write your full name and other necessary information required of you before you start the exams.

That’s all on how to how to score high in Jamb, if you follow all the steps mentioned above, you will write and score high in Jamb.

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