How To Unfriend People On Facebook


Hi there, this guide on How To Unfriend People On Facebook promises to give you the necessary help you need to unfriend anyone you do not wish to be friends with anymore on the Facebook social media.

I have been asked this question by a few people. How do I unfriend people on my Facebook account? Can I unfriend multiple people on my Facebook account at the same time?

This has been and it is still a curse for worry among Facebook users who want to unfriend one person or the other.

This article contains the detailed steps to follow if you want to unfriend someone on your Facebook friend list. But before that let us dive into some reasons people unfriend their Facebook friends:

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Reasons Why People Unfreidn Their Facebook Friends

There are various reasons Facebook users unfriend their Facebook friends, It may be due to reasons like ;

• Your friend’s Facebook account has been hacked by hackers. Probably you noticed some funny act on your friend’s Facebook account and you suspect it has been hacked by someone else, unfriending the person right away after confirmation that it was truly hacked is not a bad option.

• The Facebook account is old and no longer active or used by the owner. you may decide to remove the account from your list of friends.

• seeing a strange name on your Facebook account and you have no idea how you accepted the friend request

• To give an individual space for the present time but hoping to communicate with them sooner or later

• To protect yourself from falling victims of cybercrime or Personal reasons that may have occurred between you and your Facebook friends and many More.

How To Unfriend Your Facebook Friend

Below are the steps to unfriend a friend on your Facebook account;
This is a simple and straightforward task and very easy to follow up. To unfriend a person;

1. Do ensure you have a good internet connection and login into your Facebook account with your details
2. Click on the search bar located at the top right corner of your Facebook screen.
3. Type the person name into the space provided
4. Click on search to process your request
5. The friend profile will be opened on your screen, click on the friend icon
6 You will see options like take a break, snooze for thirty days, unfollow and unfriend
7. Click on unfriend
8. A message will pop up asking you if you want to proceed with the request click on yes to complete the process.

If the steps above are followed strictly then you have successfully removed the person from your friend list. If you want to unfriend more than one person you will have to repeat the process above for each and every one of the people you want to unfriend.

Unfriending Multiple Facebook friends at once is not really possible right now so you have to patiently unfriend them one after the other.

Once you unfriend a person you no longer have them as your Facebook friends and they no longer have you on their list either.

No notification is sent to the person that they have been unfriended until they realize by themselves. If you want to make them your friend again all you need to do is to ;

√ Login to your Facebook account
√ Click the “Search” bar. It is found at the top of the Facebook page
√ Search for the person you want to add. Type in a person’s name, then click on their name.
√ Click Add Friend. A friend request will be sent to the person and it will be accepted when the person is active on Facebook.

In the situation when you do not want the person to send you a friend request after unfriending him or her you can decide to block the person. A blocked friend can no longer access you on Facebook. To block a friend from

Facebook follow the steps below ;
• Login to your Facebook account
• Click on the search bar found on top of the screen
• Input the person name and click on “search” to proceed
• The person profile will be displayed, click the three-dot button just below the profile picture.
• Three options will be displayed, which are Find support or report profile, block and copy link to profile.
• Click on “block” to block the person.
After this process is done, the person can no longer chat with you, see your posts or see anything pertaining to you. You can repeat the process over again if you have more than one person to block.

Now you can see that unfriending people is not so much of a difficult task. I believe you are now familiar with how to unfriend people on Facebook.

So if you find yourself in this situation and you want to unfriend someone, you know just what to do. Once you follow the steps above you are set to go.

Do not forget to share this information with someone who may be in need of it.

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