Investment Opportunities in Nigeria

Top 20 Investment Opportunities In Nigeria

This article contains the top 20 investment opportunities in Nigeria.

Venturing into a business is one of the surest steps to take if you wish to make money in Nigeria.

A lot of persons wish to invest in a business in Nigeria, but don’t know which of the investment opportunities in Nigeria to go into.

There are over a hundred investment opportunities in Nigeria that you can venture into.

This article list the best and most profitable investment opportunities in Nigeria.

Best 20 Investment Opportunities In Nigeria

Below are some of the best investment opportunities in Nigeria that you can venture into. Some of these businesses can be run from the comfort of your home.


Starting a poultry business is not as easy as it appears. It takes a lot of patience and commitment.

You’ll need to define your target market and know what part of the industry you want to go into. Whether it is layers or broilers.

  1. Bakery business

Bakery business is good business. Everyone loves cakes and pastries and if properly made, they won’t mind spending their spare cash purchasing it.

All you need to do is acquiring the necessary knowledge either by watching videos online, reading a pastry book, or signing up for baking classes.

  1. Dry cleaning business

This business came in a few years ago and has been widely accepted by people in Nigeria. Dry cleaning business requires very little capital to start; it can be done in your home till you get a shop.

What’s really necessary is a functioning phone number and in most cases a washing machine to make it less tedious.

  1. Agriculture

Yes, agriculture! Nigeria is a very populated country. Nigeria is currently having issues producing enough food for its massive population and so depends on imports. There are financial institutions that offer financial assistant to agriculture-focused businesses.

Plus in this business, there are diverse areas to choose from. You could either go into livestock, crop, farm equipment and so much more.

  1. Beauty business

If you have a passion for beauty and cosmetics then this one is for you. The beauty business is very profitable in Nigeria because everyone wants their looks to stand out.

You’ll need to make deeper research into it to keep you up to date with the current and trendy. You could also be a supplier.

Also Read: how to succeed in the beauty industry.

  1. Mobile car wash business

This investment business will require a visible location but the supplies are inexpensive. It is one of the few businesses that’ll give you a daily income.

The downside of this business is that it’s almost quite impossible to work under unfavorable weather conditions.

  1. School business

Owning a school in Nigeria demands a high capital to start, but commitment and dedication will keep you going. Just get yourself registered to start with.

The good thing about this investment business is that irrespective of the number of schools all over town, you’ll always have pupils

  1. Liquid soap business

Another top investment opportunity in Nigeria is the liquid soap business.

Of recent, the demand for liquid soap so has become so high that even the well established brands can’t keep up.

Homemade liquid soup is taking over the market in Nigeria. A good packaging strategy is needed. You can supply to bakeries, restaurants, dry cleaning shops and so on.

  1. Plantain chips production and sales

Plantain can be made into a crunchy snack and it’s everywhere – in supermarkets, hawkers on the highway in Nigeria.

It can be made right in your kitchen and is very profitable. You’ll need to learn from someone already in the business.

This is not only to learn the recipe but to develop your chain of supply for raw material (plantain) and finished goods.

  1. Small chops packaging

Small chops business is very lucrative in Nigeria. Nigerians can’t seem to get enough of a light meal. Small chops are usually preferred during weddings, funerals, birthday parties, picnics, beach parties, pool parties, etc.

Every day more and more peoples are opting for this, and it won’t in no way lead to a reduction in demands.

  1. Cryptocurrency

This is one of the best investment opportunities in Nigeria. Even with capital as little as ₦10,000, you can invest and get rewarded with returns.

There are many platforms that have been set up for investing in cryptocurrency. Or if you rather, you could build your own platform for trading.

  1. Making of fruit juice

I bet you never thought of it. Fruit juices might seem like it has lost its relevance but if you look around, you’ll see companies like Chi thriving.

This means demands are still up. There are some states in Nigeria that are known for their abundant produce of these fruits so purchasing from such places will be cheap.

  1. Pure water business

This is a highly lucrative business in Nigeria with equally high returns. The demand for water can never run out. To go into this, you’ll need to get the necessary legal qualifications.

To manage this business, you’ll need experience probably as an apprentice so you can get a better perspective as to how it is run.

  1. Gas shop

Virtually every household in Nigeria now cooks with gas cookers. The demands for this commodity are really high.

Little capital is required to kick off. A shop is needed because the chances of exposure to things that could start a fire can be curtailed.

  1. Photography business

This deals with capturing memories through photographs. It’s not enough to know how to take pictures, you need to first of all build your passion for it, make researches, take up online classes, and gather your portfolio.

The demand for professional photographers in Nigeria is skyrocketing.

  1. Event planning business

Only people with high taste would realize the need for an event planner for their occasion to ensure the smooth running of the event.

In Nigeria, there is no week that people don’t have an event, be it a wedding or burial.

  1. Transportation business

Nigeria is a very busy country and people need transportation to go around their daily businesses. This is where you can make your money.

With just a means of transport, you can make a business out of driving people around to their destinations.

  1. Fish farming business

This business has been in existence for quite a long while in Nigeria. First of all, you need thorough research on the industry and everything it entails, before you get started.

  1. Tailoring business

Cloth designing business is one of the top investment opportunities in Nigeria that is growing at a rapid speed.

Everybody wants to appear presentable wherever they are found. Be it in formal wear or traditional.

Before going into the tailoring business, you have to acquire the skill, stay in vogue. You can also start this business from the comfort of your home.

  1. Social media marketing

Social media has gone beyond the point where it’s just for conversing and posting pictures. Entrepreneurs are now taking their goods and services to all social media platforms.

These balls down to the fact that the need for people with social media marketing knowledge is increasing. Make a research on how to go about it.

That’s all on the top 20 investment opportunities in Nigeria.

I strongly believe in being driven by passion, for with it, you’ll not only be eager to learn new things in the field but you’ll also be willing to put in your time, energy, and money.

Choose to invest in what goes down well with you. Don’t forget to go for a business with which its capital is within your budget.

I hope this article on the top 20 investment opportunities in Nigeria helps?

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