Reasons Exams Are Important

14 Reasons Exams Are Important

This is a detailed guide on the reasons exams are important, I hope it helps you appreciate examinations more than before.

Many students wish there was nothing like exams because of fear of failure.

An examination is very important because they create a sense of duty among the students to study, recall, and write what they have studied coherently.

The importance of examination should not be argued because it has done students more good than harm.

Students who feel that going to school without writing an examination should be the order of the day are ignorant of the role examinations play in their growth process.

However, this article on the Reasons exams are important will open up everything about the importance of examinations and make you appreciate and value examinations the more.

About Examination

An examination is a formal test administered to people to test their knowledge or proficiency in a particular subject or to acquire a qualification.

Examinations are taken by students in Nursery schools, Primary schools, High schools, colleges, and Universities.

However, corporate bodies also administer examinations to job applicants to test their competencies in their areas of interest.

Again, those who want to take on professional titles write exams to prove their excellence in their field of study and the ability to defend the title.

Moreover, in most cases, an examination is not conducted without an examiner who is appointed to monitor examinees as they sit for their exams and also discipline and handle disciplinary roles.

Furthermore, each country has examinations that are peculiar to them, and there are also international examinations such as TOEFL and IELTS that people sit for too.

Moreover, there are different types of exams and they are:

1. Multiple-choice exams where examinees simply pair the questions with the correct answers, answering either true or false or ticking boxes.

2. Problem or case-based exams.

3. Oral exams where examinees express themselves to the examiner.

4. Open-book and take-home exams where examinees carry out research to answer given questions.

5. Essay exams where examinees are expected to give detailed answers to questions.

14 Importance of Examination

There are many tangible reasons exams are important, and these reasons should make people appreciate and value examinations the more.

However, it wouldn’t be normal to give out degrees, certificates, positions, or jobs without first making sure that those given merit them and would be able to perform accordingly wherever they find themselves.

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The importance of examination cannot be underrated, and that is why we have come up with this article on the reasons exams are important to debunk your notion of the usefulness of exams.

1. Exams Build Confidence

Confidence comes in knowing that you are perfect at what you do, and examination instills confidence in students especially those who constantly pass their examinations.

It also stimulates those who are relaxed to study hard to become like their counterparts who ace all their exams.

2. Exams Creates Healthy Competition

An examination is a healthy competition among people to prove their intelligence and competencies in handling tasks.

It prepares students for the world of healthy competitions and the ability to create innovative strategies for improvement.

Exams develop individuals, give values, trigger exceptional thinking ability, promote self-assessment,  and grant them the ability to overcome failures.

However, examinations make students get used to healthy competitions and no longer afraid when they meet the same in the corporate world but become eager to participate.

3. Exams Help In Learning Evaluation

Most students attend classes but find it difficult to learn, and this has made a lot of them become frustrated and willing to drop out.

However, with examinations, teachers are able to figure out these ones for more personalized learning and counseling in the areas they are lagging behind.

Examinations examine students’ ability to comprehend what is taught in the classroom, it is a very effective way to carry out learning evaluation.

4. Exams Stimulate Learning

The fear of failing examinations has made a lot of students study hard to become the best in their fields of endeavor.

Many students would not have the urge to study their books if not for examinations and many students would go to school to mingle rather than to learn if not for examinations too.

Moreover, the world would have had more incompetent graduates if students were to pass through school without having to write examinations.

5. Exams Help In Awarding Scholarship

Without examination, it would have been hard to figure out who to award scholarships and scholarships would have been awarded to the wrong persons.

Examinations enable those awarding scholarships to examine, compare and contrast past and present results to know who is worth sponsoring.

6. Exams Reveal Students’ Learning Methods

Exams are structured in different formats, it allows students to express what they have learned in a manner that is clear and easy to understand by others.

Students learn in different ways and they showcase what they have learned in different ways through exams.

However, exams help teachers to know which student is good at practical, essays, and communication because of the way they will give answers to questions.

Examinations make the teachers and parents know what the children are good at and coach in that direction.

Sadly some parents will know their children’s incapability of handling some subjects or academic fields but because of selfishness would force the child to venture into that field of study.

7. Exams Instill discipline

Those who genuinely write and pass their exams are always disciplined and are better set up for the real world.

Exams entail thorough preparation, you would have to forsake pleasure for some time to conquer it.

If you can discipline yourself not to give in to laziness and procrastination but focus solely on your goal, then you would do better in the real world where there is so much competition.

However exams make you stronger; if you have the zeal and resilience to study the whole time for examinations, then you can conquer the challenges you are facing in every area of your life.

Discipline is an essential feature of all successful people and examination will help you become more disciplined.

8. Exams Teach Focus

Students are always under pressure to remember what they studied when sitting for exams and at the same time try to remain focused.

Examinations require intense focus and dedication to answer the questions you are given and students who participate in exams will benefit from this life lesson of focus and dedication which is essential for growth.

These attributes will also help in times of trouble where you would need to be focused and calm.

9. Exams Contribute To Growth

Exams qualify you to earn a certificate or a degree after your studies or training and it is the qualification that will guarantee your next level in life.

However, the degree or certificate will be in your name and will help you apply for jobs in your field of study or interest.

Moreover, without exams, employers will find it difficult to select the right people for job positions.

10. Exam Teach Time Management

Time management is a very important skill in life and most times it is acquired through sitting for exams.

To prepare for exams, you need time management skills to manage your study time and you need the skill when you are sitting for the exams too.

However, examinees are not allowed to choose when to finish their exams, they are given the start and the finish time, and they are expected to provide answers to questions within that time range.

Students are advised to use a wristwatch in the exams hall so they would be monitoring the time to know when to start answering the next question.

As a student, if you do not know how to manage your time properly when sitting for exams, you will end up submitting blank sheets and becoming a failure.

However, time management is very essential in our daily life and in the corporate world, if you do not know how to manage your time properly, you will fail to meet deadlines, do the right thing at the wrong time and fail to meet your goals.

11. Exams Improve Learning

Exams improve learning and enable people to take on new information.

Exams preparations require adequate research and assimilation of information, and this helps in widening people’s horizons and making them outstanding.

Exams help people to sit for hours to study what they naturally wouldn’t have studied. Exams open people up to new information and the study approach that is best for them.

However, exams have made people become better readers, learners, and researchers.

12. Exams Encourage Students

Examination encourages students who are seen as non-intelligent because they do not answer questions in class or ask questions when everyone does.

Some students are introverts and dislike participating in-class interaction, they like studying alone in a quiet environment.

However, they are always encouraged by examination because that is when everybody will know that they are super intelligent because of their high scores.

13. Exams Reveal Students’ Ability

Many students employ ghost-writers to write their essays and projects while they relax and boast of high scores they never worked for.

However, these students’ ability is revealed when they sit for exams because it is difficult for them to pay people to sit for them, so teachers will be able to evaluate their competencies.

14. Exams Trigger Brain Exercise

An examination makes the mind search the memory database for appropriate answers to questions. It makes students think widely and thoroughly thereby exercising the brain.

Without exams, many students wouldn’t have the zeal to sit in the classroom to actively learn or study to show themselves approve in their chosen careers.


Exams develop students as individuals, give them the opportunity to exude value, think extraordinary, carry out self assessment, and overcome failures.

It helps teachers to understand the learning ability of the students and to render help when necessary.

However, the many importance of examination should help students calm down and not freak out  at the mention of the word.

That’s all on the reasons exams are important, I hope it helps you value examinations more than before.

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