Top Sites To Download Nigerian Movies For Free

Top 10 Sites To Download Nigerian Movies For Free

This is a detailed guide on the top 10 sites to download Nigerian movies, I hope it helps you download your favorite Nigerian movies.

Nigerian movies have culminated from what they used to be to what they are now.

From the stories to the acting to cinematography, costumes, settings, and other technical things that are considered when making movies, everything is superb.

Nollywood movies are widely accepted, gone are the days when the movies were repeated plots with different titles, creativity has crept into Nollywood making their movies superb and beautiful.

However, there are many Nigerian movies that are yet to be watched by people, not because they do not want to watch them but because they do not have access to them.

Top Nollywood movies are not marketed offline as before, it is either you watch them at the cinema or you download them from top websites.

However, if you do not know the best websites to download Nollywood movies from, this article on the top 10 sites to download Nigerian movies for free will help you.

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Top Sites To Download Nigerian Movies For Free

There are numerous websites to download Nigerian movies for free but these 10 sites below are the best, use them and thank me later.

1. Netnaija

Netnaija is one of the sites to download Nigerian movies for free, it is the best place you can easily find both Nigerian movies and other trending foreign movies.

The website displays Nigerian movies in both English and other Nigerian indigenous languages.

The user interface of this website is beautiful, users can easily download the movie of their choice for free without being hindered by numerous adverts and popups.

The website harbors movies of different categories ranging from comedy, romance, thriller, war, etc. it also gives the best entertainment news you might be interested in.


Iroko TV is one of the sites to download Nigerian movies for free during the 30 days of free trials after subscription.

This website enables you to get access to thousands of the best Nollywood movies, you can keep movies on your device and watch them anytime without burning extra data.

Movies are released on Iroko TV every week, these movies are hit movies ranging from scandalous city dramas to romance, village, and crime stories.

You can watch Iroko Tv Nollywood movies on the Web, iOS, Android, and Apple TV.

However, it is important to use google chrome to watch Iroko TV, it is the best browser to use to watch movies on the website.

3. NollyLand

Nollyland is one of the sites to download Nigerian movies for free, you can stream or download your favorite movies and  TV shows to watch offline.

The platform enables users to watch thousands of selected Nigerian, Ghanaian, and other African movies on any device and on any bandwidth (low or high).

NollyLand has amazing features that users enjoy including adaptive video streaming, automatic bookmarking of movies, a watch list, timeline thumbnails to swiftly switch to any scene in a movie, and intuitive Searching and Categorization.

You can further enjoy this site by downloading its app for Xbox, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, & Google TV iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows 10 Mobile, & BlackBerry 10, Apple TV, and Oculus Rift (Windows Holographic).

You would really enjoy Nollyland by buying a subscription, day pass, or credit to watch your favorite movie.

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