top finance blogs to follow

4 Top Finance Blogs to Follow

Top Finance Blogs to Follow.

Hitting it big on the stock market is still what many people dream of. Secretly, we all fantasize about making a moderate investment in an unknown company and getting rich overnight.

However, these types of success stories do not happen every day, and it probably won’t happen to you. If you do wish to try your luck and test your skills on the stock market, you shouldn’t do it blindly.

Equip yourself with all the knowledge you can: the avenues to achieve this are more open to you today than they were a few decades ago.

Numerous experts, investment wunderkinds, and financial wizards have taken to the Internet, and they run their own blogs on finances and investment.

Following several of these will help you get an edge over the next guy, who is trying to achieve your same goals.

If you are looking for some top finance blogs to follow, this article will be helpful to you.

Here is a shortlist of the top finance blogs to follow on a daily basis. Hopefully, they’ll inspire you and set you on your way to financial bliss.

1. The Reformed Broker

One of the top finance blogs to follow is The Reformed Broker. It is run by Joshua Brown, who also offers insightful opinions on his Twitter account on a daily basis.

The Reformed Broker is unique because it combines expert insight, helpful tips, and an approach that is not boring or tiring, and even a layman can get the hang of it.

Brown has much experience in finances – he has been involved in investing for quite some time and is now the CEO of his own company – his tips on everything from politics and economy to marketing and media can turn your attention to things that have previously escaped your notice.

He has also written two books about the world of high-class finances, and the knowledge he shares with his readers will make you put your thinking cap on, and ponder the possibilities available.

2. Makin’ Sense Babe

Another blog that combines insight with a laid-back approach, Makin’ Sense Babe was founded by Kathryn Cicoletti.

Unlike other blogs, this one also features videos that explain the fluctuations of the market and things potential investors should definitely pay attention to before simply giving their money to anyone.

With over a decade-long experience as an investment analyst, Cicoletti’s insider information will surely give you an edge over other investors.

3. Timothy Sykes

In the world of finance, the story of Tim Sykes reads like a fairy tale. He is one of those people who managed to make it truly big.

He is considered a penny stock wizard, and his blog is read by a vast number of people. The blog also earns him an annual profit of about twenty million a year.

Even though it may all sound like fluff, Sykes does know what he is talking about, and his manner may be difficult at first, but all his insight is truly valuable.

Today he inspires college students to follow in his footsteps and take on the many-headed monster of the stock market.

4. Investor Junkie

Blogger and investment enthusiast Larry Ludwig has been active online for some years now, but he is not – unlike most finance bloggers – professionally involved in investing.

He is a small-business owner whose passion for investing has lead him to start writing from an outsider’s perspective.

He also blogs about the best investment tools and conducting your own research, and reviews products and services one can invest in.

Finally, Ludwig actively promotes new chances for making an income in finance and becoming a good investor, so it is not surprising that his blog has a wide and dedicated audience.

In Addition

All of these blogs – as well as others like Girls Just Wanna Have FundsThe College Investor, Capitalist Exploits, Retire by 40 or Don’t Quit Your Day Job – offer opinions, information, and valuable insight into the world of finance.

However, they will not all give you the same advice.

You may opt to choose and follow only one of them, or you may wish to branch out and adhere to a lot of different advice while finding your own path.

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Hopefully, one day a similar list of blogs to follow may contain your own success story.

That’s all on the top finance blogs to follow.

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