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The Spired is looking for guest contributors! This is a great opportunity for you to showcase your expertise and to promote yourself on the internet and social networks.

As a guest contributor, you will not be compensated but you will enjoy great visibility on this growing platform. You can write as many articles as you wish, and no schedule is imposed.


Your article should be directly related to at least one of these topics below:

  • Personal finance: Money management tips, advice on financial planning, investment strategies, tips to help first-timers set up and manage their portfolio, articles on building wealth, etc.
  • Entrepreneurship: Advice and practical information for beginning entrepreneurs and professionals looking into starting a business
  • Financial literacy and economics: Articles that explain in simple terms complex notions of finance and economics that affect people in their everyday lives.
  • Career and lifestyle: Articles on frugality and career management.
  • Reviews: Reviews of tools, books, sites, related to finance and economics


  1. First, if you haven’t done it yet, you should follow the blog by email and through social networks. This way, you will get notifications when your article gets posted, and you will avoid overlapping with existing content.
  2. Send me an email at [email protected] stating you want to contribute.
  3. In the same email, suggest a couple of topics you wish to write about. Make sure they fit with the editorial line (topics above). I will email you back as soon as possible giving the go or no-go for the topics.
  4. Upon approval, you may submit your article(s) with your bio, photo, and links you want to promote (only personal blogs, your own company’s website, and social network links are allowed, no affiliate marketing please).
  5. That’s it! The article(s) will be reviewed, proofread, and may be subject to modifications before being posted. You will be notified once your article is online. Once again, approval is not guaranteed.


  • Articles should be around 1000-1200 words long.
  • Always run a quick search on the site to ensure your topic has not been covered already on thespired.com
  • Practical articles like ‘How To’ or ‘5 tips to…’ are welcome. But I also value a lot of high-quality research articles that provide a different view on the financial system to help people grab a better understanding of business and finance.
  • Writing style should be semi-formal, and accessible to the target audience. Smart humor is ok. Provide examples to illustrate your points. sharing personal experience is encouraged.


I do not guarantee your posts will be published, but in order to increase your chances, make sure you carefully read and follow the guidelines above.

Also, I am extremely picky about the guest articles I post. So make sure to cover your topic in an original and informative way.

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