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6 Best Sites to Watch Chinese Drama with English Subtitles For Free

This is a comprehensive guide on the best sites to watch Chinese drama with English subtitles for free.

This article is put together to help you access these sites where you can watch Chinese movies with English subtitles for free without stress.

I have seen lovers of Chinese movies left dissatisfied after watching some Chinese movies halfway, or a few other times completely.

Can you guess why they have this “we need more” feeling?

It is often because of the difficulty in understanding and interpreting the two major languages often used by Chinese actors and actresses.

The experience can be really frustrating especially with fans outside the Chinese region who understand little or nothing of these languages.

In fact, some fans have become disinterested since they don’t know how to go about this challenge.

But, hold on before you quit! I might be able to get you re-equipped.

How Can You Watch And Understand Chinese Drama?

How can you go about watching Chinese dramas or c dramas online without struggling to understand what’s happening in them?

Could you learn to speak Mandarin or Taiwan since those are the two languages mostly used in c dramas?


It could work but could consume more time and resources.

What if you opt for an easier way by watching with subtitles on the sites I’m going to share with you?

Yeah! That sounds better, or rather faster.

Chinese drama websites with subtitles will really serve.

Here we go!

Best Sites to Watch Chinese Drama with English Subtitles For Free

Each of the sites I will be listing is where to watch Chinese dramas with English subtitles.

Although there are many sites for movies on the internet,  these are the best sites to watch Chinese drama with English subtitles for free.

1. YouTube

YouTube is one of the biggest and most popular platforms or sites to watch Chinese drama with English subtitles.

So many videos are being uploaded on this platform, and it also has one of the highest traffic online.

This platform (YouTube), because of its peculiarity with video content is one of the best places to watch Chinese movies with subtitles and for free.

Yes, the only price you’ll pay is the data needed for connection. So easy.

Well, some people who are not totally unfamiliar with YouTube may raise issues like “YouTube only supports online streaming” or “how can I download movies and watch later?”

While many YouTube users usually stream YouTube videos, there are two ways to save videos on YouTube to watch them later.

These two ways are:

  1. Download them on your YouTube App.
  2. Download on your device using third-party apps or websites.

However, I feel the need to help people who might need help on how to download with YouTube better.

Hence, let me quickly explore these two ways of downloading videos on youTube.

  • Downloading on the YouTube app.

You can save a movie of your choice within the YouTube environment.

After you have selected a video, you will find the download button just below the loaded video. Clicking this button, and will activate the save action.

After the download is completed, you will be able to view the video at a later time and without a network connection.

This is a very straightforward way of downloading from YouTube, but it has some restrictions.

You can not share the video with another device, and you can only view it using the YouTube app (you can’t use your favorite media players).

Now that you have downloaded the video on your YouTube, locate the Download section and you will be able to watch it from there.

  • Using a third-party app or web

You can download from YouTube with a third-party application or website, and this will help you take care of the problems encountered in the first method.

I mean not been able to share the videos or watch with media players.

This is so because the third-party app/web will get the video saved directly to your storage device.

Some of these apps/webs are

Vidmate, Snaptube, y2mate, KeepVid, and Airy.

However, you may need to turn the subtitle feature on while watching some videos. This is done by tapping the “cc” icon at the top right of your screen as the video is playing.

You can download YouTube mobile app or Visit YouTube on the web here

2. DramaCool

Drama cool is no doubt one of the best sites to watch Chinese drama with English subtitles. You don’t only watch chinese series on Dramacool, you can also download Chinese movies is Dramacool.

After picking YouTube as the best site to watch Chinese movies, I can pick Dramacool as the next in line.

Dramacool is a very prompt platform, and they have a library that is full of various movies you may be searching for.

There are various factors that make this platform stands out as one of the best.

First, new movie updates are uploaded promptly and with subtitles.

This is good especially if you are following a series. Dramacool will help to satisfy your craving as soon as the next episodes are released.

In addition, if there comes a time when you can’t find a particular movie on Dramacool, you can request from them.

Visit Dramacool’s website here

3. Kissasian

Kissasian is another reliable site where you can gain access to old Chinese movies and the very latest ones likewise.

There are many sites to watch Chines drama with English subtitles I must admit, but the best is what I promised you.

This platform is free to use and has various Chinese movies you might need to see. Kissasian has a user-friendly interface, and it has other Asian movies as well for your consumption.

No doubt, Kissasian is one of the best sites to watch Chinese drama with English subtitles.

Visit kissasian’s website here

4. Asian Crush

Asian Crush is also one of the best sites to watch Chinese drama with English subtitles or to browse the latest movies that might interest you.

The platform gives its users one of the best experiences when it comes to streaming or downloading movies online.

Asian drama has a library with many movies readily available for you.

In addition, you get to enjoy using the platform without any registration, and you can watch a movie with absolutely no ad popping up.

Asian Crush will not give you those annoying moments that come when your favorite scene is disrupted by an ad.

Visit Asian Crush’s website here

5. TrollDrama

Trolldrama is another site that will serve you best with Chinese movies.

It is a platform that will leave you excited and keep you glued to c dramas.

The platform has a fat library of movies, and it gives you free access to all their content.

Trolldrama provides movies of very excellent quality, and the movies are well organized for easy access and browsing of your favorite playlist.

On trolldrama, you will get quality entertainment like no other.

Visit trolldrama’s website here

6. Mydramalist

Mydramalist is yet another entertaining site to watch Chinese movies with English subtitles.

The platform brings numerous Chinese movies so close to the fans and helps them access them more easily.

Also, almost every Chinese movie on this platform has a complete English subtitle.

It is home to that Chinese movie you just heard of a d you need to Watch. Also, if you don’t have any name in your head, go to mydramalist and you will be wowed.

You can’t exhaust the list of movies in their library. They will definitely have some that you are yet to see, and this is because of their efficiency in uploading and updating their movie library.

Visit Mydramalist’s website here

That is all on the 6 Best Sites to Watch Chinese Drama with English Subtitles For Free.

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