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How To Create A Clickbank Account In Nigeria

This is a detailed guide on how to create a Clickbank account in Nigeria.

Are you a business owner or an affiliate marketer? You might want to find out what I’ve got for you in this post about how to create a Clickbank account in Nigeria.

The post is written to teach you what Clickbank is, and how you can become an affiliate marketer in Nigeria, using the Clickbank platform.

At the end of the post, you would have gotten a grasp of how to open a Clickbank account in Nigeria.

What Is Clickbank?

If you are yet to fully know what Clickbank is, you are just about to do.

Clickbank is an online platform that serves as a means of linking manufacturers and suppliers of various products with their affiliate marketers.

You will know that an affiliate marketer is either a company or an individual that helps to sell the products of another company and gets paid in return.

So Clickbank is like an online marketplace where affiliate marketers meet with manufacturers and suppliers.

It is among the largest international business places that are available online, and it has various products that you can choose from based on your niche.

The platform has its headquarters in the United States of America, and it has over a million users and clients all over the world.

ClickBank Affiliate Program

ClickBank affiliate program is a popular affiliate program and it is one of the highest paying affiliate marketing programs in the world.

It is surely one of the best online money-making strategies.

Features Of Clickbank Affiliate Program

What are the features of Clickbank affiliate marketing?

It is necessary to know the features of Clickbank affiliate marketing so as to know what the platform has to offer you.

Some of the features of the Clickbank affiliate marketing program are listed below.

1. Unique Affiliate Links

The Clickbank affiliate program has unique affiliate links for each product on the platform. These unique links make it possible to track each product uniquely.

2. Identity Verification Not Required

Clickbank affiliate marketing program does not require Identity verification.

So it is easier to become a part of the platform.

3. Alternative Payment Options

Alternative payment options like Payoneer and so on are available for marketers in countries that are banned.

This is one of the features that make it suitable for Nigerians because Nigeria is among the banned countries, and you cannot be paid via any other means in Nigeria.

Clickbank Payment Methods

I have mentioned that the ClickBank marketplace accepts alternative payment options and it includes the following:

  • Check
  • Direct Deposit
  • Wire Transfer
  • Payoneer

Is Clickbank Available In Nigeria?

Nigeria is one of the countries that are currently blacklisted from using Clickbank officially.

That is, if you select Nigeria as your country at the point of opening your Clickbank account you will get an error message and would not be able to complete the opening of the account.

However there is a way to bypass the embargo placed on Nigeria and some other countries, and this way involves choosing a different country during registration.

This will mean you are opening that country’s Clickbank account from Nigeria.

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I will suggest that you should not use the United States of America Clickbank because of taxes. Rather the UK Clickbank account is advisable.

Although Nigeria is not the only blacklisted country on the platform, this post is focused on opening a Clickbank account from Nigeria.

You need to be informed that prior to this moment, Nigeria is usually not listed among the countries on the platform.

That has changed now and Nigeria has been included in the option of countries when you want to register, but there is still an embargo on Nigeria and some other countries.

This could be removed anytime soon, but before then how can you open a Clickbank account in Nigeria?

We are getting there.

What Are The Requirements To Open A Clickbank Account In Nigeria?

Since Clickbank is not officially licensed in Nigeria, there are some requirements before you can successfully open an account.

Therefore below is what you need to open a Clickbank account in Nigeria.

1. VPN

VPN is a software tool that helps to hide your actual location online.

You will need this because you will be opening a UK Clickbank account since Nigeria is blacklisted presently.

Not using a VPN will reveal your actual location to the system even if you choose the UK in the registration process.

VPN will redirect your IP address to another location and this will make it seem like you are truly in the UK.

There are both paid and free VPNs online for you to choose from.

Since you will be using this for a business, a paid VPN is more advisable to ensure the smooth running of protection.

This does not mean you cannot use a free VPN, it only means a paid or premium VPN is better.

2. Identity Generator

An identity generator is the second requirement you will need to open a Clickbank account in Nigeria.

What does an identity generator do?

It will help you to generate necessary and adequate information regarding the location you chose with the VPN.

It will help you to generate a city, a residential address, a postal code for the address, and a phone number.

3. A Payoneer Account

One other thing you need to open a Clickbank account in Nigeria is a payment gateway.

This is the means of receiving your earnings since you can’t receive money in your account directly except via an online payment gateway.

Of course, there are many payment gateways available, but I recommend Payoneer because it has an edge over many other gateways.

First, it is one of the widely-used payment gateways. Also, it issues MasterCard to its users, and this can be used for withdrawal more easily.

How To Create A Clickbank Account In Nigeria

It is very easy for you to open a Clickbank account in Nigeria.

Inasmuch as you have the requirements above and you follow through the steps I will take you through below.

At the end of this section, you will see that learning how to open a Clickbank account in Nigeria is straightforward and easy.

Below are the steps to open a Clickbank account in Nigeria.

  • Install and configure your VPN.
  • Open your identity generator.
  • Go to the Clickbank homepage here. Or copy the link below to your browser.
  • Fill in the required details including the generated details gotten from the identity generator.
  • Accept the terms and conditions.
  • Click Join ClickBank.
  • From the next page, enter all the needed information.
  • Click the save button
  • Create a nickname and also choose a password. The password should consist of numbers, symbols, capital, and small letters.
  • Click the Create Account button.

Then your account has been successfully created

You will be able to access this account anytime with the use of a VPN. Make sure you always turn the VPN on and always use the UK IP that has been generated for you.

Failure to do this may cause your Clickbank account to be blocked.

How To Promote And Make Money On Clickbank

After the completion of your Clickbank account creation, one thing you may need to know is how to promote the products you will like to market and make money.

I have four basic steps below to help you start outright.

  • use the keyword search on semrush to look for top-selling products and pick from there.
  • Help your web page grow to the first page of search engines by using the function of Seoclerk’s Seo traffic.
  • You can also use the Sendio and Pinterest tools for marketing.
  • Be active always on the platform.

However, the best way to promote your affiliate products on Clickbank is by having an online store or blog.

You may research how to own one.

That is all on how to create a Clickbank account in Nigeria.

Hope this was helpful?

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