Sites To Download Paid ebooks For Free

Top 20 Sites To Download Paid eBooks For Free In 2021

This post contains a guide on the top sites to download paid ebooks for free.

One of the constraints to building an encyclopedic library is the cost of purchasing books.

This is especially critical with building physical libraries for individuals.

Virtual libraries, on the other hand, costs relatively lesser to build because there is always no need for constructing structures.

Nevertheless, money is still required to purchase ebooks on varying subjects and topics to fill virtual libraries.

Authors put their books for sale on platforms like Amazon and others.

These platforms will then give you access to each book after you have paid the price placed on it.

But in this post right now, I will show you how you can get those paid ebooks without having to pay.

I mean you will learn how you can download paid ebooks for free.

Kindly take your time to read and at the end, you should be downloading one or more books that you’ve always wanted to have in your e-library.

What Is An Ebook?

An ebook is a type of book that is written in or converted to a digital format.

The term ebook means electronic book. This tells us that it is a book in an electronic format, put together to be accessed by electronic devices like smartphones and computers.

eBooks can not be touched physically, and they can only be accessed with devices through ebook reader applications.

eBooks can be in various formats. A few examples are PDF, doc, ePub, ppt, and so on.

What Is An e-library?

Just before I talk about where you can download ebooks for free, see what an e-library means.

Just like an ebook, e-library means electronic library.

This is the arrangement of electronic documents (ebooks and others) made available for consumption via digital technology.

It could be the arrangement of such documents on your PC, smartphones, or other electronic devices.

Top 20 Sites To Download Paid eboks For Free

What is the best free ebook download site?

Below is the list of the best sites to download paid ebooks for free.

You can download any book for free in different formats from these sites.

1. Google eBookstore

Google eBookstore is also known as Google playbooks, and it is one of the best sites to get various kinds of electronic books and materials.

The number of books available on Google eBookstore is limitless, and they are all offered for free.

You can read a book by adding it to my books.

visit Google eBookstore here

2. Project Gutenberg

Gutenberg is one of the best places to download paid ebooks for free.

The site has about 60,000 free ebooks, and you will find suitable materials for you.

You can download any of these books on your device in ePUB or Kindle eBooks formats.

Searching for a book is made easy as you can search by title or by author.

Project Gutenberg is free but they ask for voluntary donations for maintenance. You can contribute if you would love to, but you won’t be restricted if you do not.

visit Project Gutenberg here

3. BookBoon

This is another platform where you can download paid ebooks for free.

BookBoon is one of the world’s highest ebook publishers.

They provide both business and academic ebooks which have over 70 million yearly downloads by statistics.

This is one of the most suitable sites to seek for materials especially for students and business people.

Visit BookBoon here

4. FeedBooks

FeedBooks is another site that will literally feed you with books.

You can download varying ebooks for free on this platform.

Their book collection includes both fiction and non-fiction books.

You also have the opportunity to publish your material or book and to share it with other people.

Visit FeedBooks here

5. Free-Ebooks

You can easily guess right that this site is a perfect hub for free ebooks by the name it bears.

This is a platform contains many books on fiction, non-fiction, romance, sci-fi, self-help, business, and so on.

You can read and download 5 ebooks monthly on Free-Ebooks, and it gives free access to download both TXT and PDF formats.

Visit Free-Ebooks here

6. Planet ebook

Planet ebook is another vendor where you can download paid ebooks for free almost without limit.

It has a huge library with books that cover a wide range of topics.

The materials provided by planet ebook are classic and thoroughly educational.

You can download it in epub, MOBI, and PDF formats.

Visit planet ebook here

7. OpenLibrary

Here is another important and very loaded site where you can download paid ebooks for free.

Openlibrary is nothing else but an open library for users all across the globe.

There are many books on many topics provided for users.

It is a non-profit platform, and it is very open to users like I have mentioned.

Visit Openlibrary here

8. The Fussy Librarian

The Fussy Librarian provides you with ebooks you will have limited access to elsewhere.

It is an active site that updates its library frequently. This will give you access to new books and materials.

Getting Amazon books for free is not usually easy, but The Fussy Librarian has great collections for lovers of books on Amazon.

Visit The Fussy Librarian here

9. PDFBooksWorld

On PDFBooksWorld, there are various quality materials for your use.

Their publications are suitable for all ages, and it consists fiction and non-fiction materials

Visit PDFBooksWorld here

10. ManyBooks

ManyBooks offers different classic books in different formats for free.

It also accepts publications from self-publishers.

Visit ManyBooks here

11. Getfreeebooks

Getfreeebooks is another site where you can get to download paid ebooks for free.

Books on Getfreeebooks are available in different genres like Fiction, Sci-Fi, and so on.

Visit Getfreeebooks here

12. Freecomputerbooks

Freecomputerbooks is a platform that features majorly academic materials.

More specifically, it provides materials for computer-related disciplines like mathematics, computer, and programming.

This does not mean the ebooks are limited to these alone. It also extends to books on technology and many more.

Visit freecomputerbooks here

13. FreeBookSpot

FreeBookSpot is one of the best spots for downloading free ebooks.

The site will lead you to many books that you need in different categories.

While the site may not give you ebooks and materials, it will provide you with links to different quality books all for free in over 90 categories.

Visit FreeBookSpot here

14. SlideShare

Slideshare is one other site where you can download ebooks for free.

Although, SlideShare has both free and paid books available. But, this does not limit your access to the free ebooks offered on the platform.

SlideShare supports research works and other educational engagements.

The ebooks are also made available in doc and PDF formats.

Visit SlideShare here

15. Sacred Texts

Sacred Texts is a quality and sacred site that provides you with countless religious ebooks.

Their collection also includes books on mythology, folklore, and the esoteric.

Visit SacredTexts here

16. Wikibooks

Wikibooks is another platform that offers ebooks for free.

Books on Wikibooks are numerous and are importantly textbooks.

When downloading from Wikibooks, it is advisable to use the PDF format.

Visit Wikibooks here

17. Read Print

Read Print provides access to different ebooks without a charge.

It has thousands of books for users, and the books cut across fiction, nonfiction, plays, essay, and so on.

There is an option for free registration. This will help you track your reading, but there will be no qualms if you choose not to register.

Visit ReadPrint here

18. Authorama

Authorama is another site to download paid ebooks for free.

Like many of the other sites, it has an inexhaustible number of books.

Its peculiarity is that the books are arranged by the author’s name.

Authorama is rich and free to use.

Visit Authorama here

19. Library Genesis

Library Genesis consists of varying educational materials and textbooks.

It gives access to ebooks that covers a wide range of disciplines and field.

Visit Library Genesis here

20. Google play store

Google play store is an apps store.

However, several ebooks have been converted to Android applications and are made available on Google play store.

It is definitely one of the best sites to download paid ebooks for free.

You can also use the mobile app.

Visit Google play store here

That will be all on Top 20 Sites To Download Paid ebooks For Free.

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